Le Pirate’s Lemon White Chocolate Cake


“Warm cake makes everything better.” – le pirate

I don’t know if that’s objectively true, but if you told me warm le pirate cake makes everything better, I’d absolutely believe you. Go here, for the full recipe and prettier photos.


I could tell you about the texture; the gooey lemon-curd-of-my-dreams centre, the contrastingly light and fluffy surroundings, the delicate crunch you get on top. I could pitch you on the flavour that coos to your soul like it’s been delivered to your digestive system on the wings of turtle doves. Really though, I want you to give this a try yourself, as a few others have out in the blog world (I have no qualm about jumping late onto a bandwagon). So I want to tell you about how easy this is to put together. It’s only as hard as melting some white chocolate and butter. Oh, and don’t forget to add the eggs, the recipe isn’t explicit about when you add them, and when  you’re a slave to the instructions like me, you might make a rookie mistake if you’re not careful. Otherwise, this has a sense of ease that could make Nigella pout suggestively at the camera in envy.


Just, please, make this. Whip up something tasty, and treat yourself to the white chocolate that will be leftover from a 250g block when you make it. If you’re taking it to a gathering, make sure to keep it in glad wrap/cling film until the last minute, to protect it from the inevitable drooling stares.

Serve when you could do with a big, easy win on a Sunday.

25 thoughts on “Le Pirate’s Lemon White Chocolate Cake

  1. AHH! I’m so excited that you made it! And thank you for posting it! (How awkward for me so many exclamation marks.) Also awkward for me for not writing in about the eggs…. amended now. Really though – advanced English student who doesn’t proof read. Atrocious. I wish I could have thought up such an animated introduction! Turtle doves! Pouting Nigellas! If only! (PS that yogurt looks mindblowing – seriously you and your artisan dairy!

    1. It’s so good. I left the cake in the oven perhaps a touch too long (trying to multitask and make chicken soup for Mrs P) so it wasn’t as gooey as it might have been. Fortunately I bought two blocks of white chocolate and plenty of yoghurt, so I might be able to have another go round before the week is out.

      1. It looked finely divine to me but I’m sure you won’t need too much encouragement to have another go! 🙂 Your home must smell wonderful with all the baking, there’s nothing quite like the smell of home baked cakes!

  2. “the gooey lemon-curd-of-my-dreams centre” “flavour that coos to your soul like it’s been delivered to your digestive system on the wings of turtle doves”

    I can quotation mark quotation mark your blog all day long. Seriously.

    LOVE IT! I really want to make this, but I’ll probably be the only one eating it. Roommates and le boyfriend are not fans of lemon + sweet. Sobs. Oh this harsh reality I live in. #dramaqueen

    Indeed the middle does seem to collapse and give off an ooze appeal. Mmmmm…..I can feel it melting into my mouth…definitely the type to top with some sweetened and vanilla bean studded mascarpone cream. Gees whiz. Please go make more of le pirate’s cakes so I can have more and more and MORE eye candy! 😉

    Status update on Mrs. P’s health levels? 😦 Need any health potions?

    1. She’s doing ok. Not great. The weather isn’t conducive to good health at the moment. You’ll be sticky hot when first getting into bed, then freezing once the weather turns later at night. Humidity with a chilly wind at the back of it isn’t the best. Hopefully the chicken soup will start doing its work and keep her going.

  3. “Warm cake makes everything better.” – Le Pirate – Wow, I may even have to put that in my Quote corner. Lemon and white chocolate must be amazing,… yeah put cling wrap in case I eat it all up!

  4. Warm cakes do make everything better, specifically, lemon cake! Lemon cake is my father’s favorite. This one looks incredibly tasty and I cannot wait to try it out.

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  6. Hey Sam, This was my first ever cake which I baked for my husband on his bday to give that personal touch..!!..I needed a lot of self motivation to remind me that this is easy and is going to end well..!! And your recipe made my first ever experience worthwhile !!..Turned out yummy Thanks !!!

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