Little Paddock Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream


I’m not quite sure how they do it. There’s almost a dense, gooey quality to the chocolate flavour in this ice cream, like the unset part of the brownie. Then they mix in these brownie pieces that all seem to be taken from the crunchy edge of the brownie. It is quite possibly the most complete brownie experience I’ve ever tasted in an ice cream. Some brands will give you the same chocolate ice cream in every flavour, letting whatever bits they add be the distinguishing factor between varieties. Tasting this and Little Paddock’s Caramel Slice side by side, it’s clear that Little Paddock are really thinking about their flavours and not just churning by numbers.


Bunny. Eats. Design. remarked that this particular flavour was a favourite, and I can see exactly where they’re coming from. Although I wouldn’t choose a favourite, I’d just buy one of each.

Keep in the fridge in a break in case of lack of brownie emergency glass box. This is one brownie that will keep indefinitely, although lets face it, you probably won’t allow it to.


21 thoughts on “Little Paddock Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

  1. Wow. I wish I could get my grubby little paws on this brand of ice cream. I saw an episode of Eat St. yesterday that featured an ice cream truck serving bourbon Madagascar vanilla ice cream, and they threw a teaspoon of liquid smoke in for depth. I am so making that this weekend. Maybe drizzling some caramel. Mmmm, ice cream.

      1. I have a bottle in the coveted baking drawer that until now has solely been used for BBQ sauce. It’s store-bought, spice aisle. Smokey, bourbony ice cream. Can. Not. Wait for Saturday.

      1. Not attempted to make my own ice cream but would love to… maybe something to try this summer! Ben & Jerry’s is a regular, I like the ‘half baked’ which has chocolate brownie & cookie dough but this ‘Little Paddock’ one sounds amazing! I wonder if it’s available anywhere within driving distance… must check that out! 🙂

      2. Have just googled it and sadly Little Paddock ice cream is not available anywhere near me at all! 😦 So it seems my life will be void of their wonderous combinations until I visit NZ!

  2. When I see dirty fingerprint marks on the container, I know the ice cream is well loved. Looks like something definitely to get excited about! I hope that scoop in your bowl only looks small for propriety’s sake. 😉

    I love that you can pick up the chocolate nuances between the caramel slice ice cream and this one. What an ice cream savant ye are, Mr. P!

    I think I’d like this with a few scoops of raw cookie dough, vanilla whipped cream and mmmm warm apple pie. Erm. No judging.

      1. Nice idea hehe. By the way I just got back from a Chinese supermarket here, and I saw some cookies with some fuzzy marketing going on: Made in China Koala Cookies with New Zealand Powdered Milk (should have made a photo!)

  3. I have to say that the commenter noticing the finger marks has an excellent and perceptive eye. You’ve left fingerprints Mr. P!

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