Pure New Zealand Ice Cream – Mascarpone, Date and Orange Ice Cream

20130421_175213Oh yeah. This little foodie trifecta from Pure New Zealand Ice Cream will get your taste buds round the bend and down the home stretch every time. Orange spurs the date around the track on your palate. Heady, almost boozy, without being heavy, there’s a lot of joy in the way the date tracks a beaded swirl like chocolate in a chocolate éclair ice cream. Then there’s that moment you get a particularly concentrated pocket of date, giving a more intense hit and a bit of crunch. Jockeying the whole thing along with an effortlessly light touch is the mascarpone, bringing a light creaminess that is no doubt what gets this flavour into the winner’s circle in some of the local food awards.

Serve with Lemon White Chocolate Cake for a highlight reel of high tea cake and scone flavours. While I’m on the subject the cake has lasted me so well during the week, and has been a welcome food sight to come home to, knowing I could pair it with this ice cream and meditate on the flavours.


10 thoughts on “Pure New Zealand Ice Cream – Mascarpone, Date and Orange Ice Cream

  1. Such an intriguing combination! I’ll have to try making some (I’ve never seen anything close to this ice cream in the US). Plus in always looking for ways to use leftover mascarpone!

  2. Far out. This flavour combination sounds divine!! Not sure if they stock that ice-cream over here (in W.Australia) but I’ll definitely look out for it. By the way, I still dream about Deep South ice-cream from NZ’s South Island, about four years after I tasted it. Amazing… better than anything Aussie made, I’d say!!

  3. I’m not a big fan of ice-cream (I know. I’m weird) but feel absolutely compelled to eat anything with mascarpone in it! This might even be worth a trip to NZ!!

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