Apologies, My Non-Furry Friends


The Peckish Kiwi, my second member of staff, he’s busy feeding me and generally attending to my happiness. I’m terribly sorry, but The Peckish Kitty comes before The Peckish Kiwi you see. In the meantime, I hope you’ll be placated by my face of false contrition. Quite a useful face, also works well after I’ve nibbled at a chicken dinner on the bench top, scratched a chair, or somehow unzipped a suitcase and made a home for myself in the unpacked luggage. Once I’m done with him you can have him back. Good day!

21 thoughts on “Apologies, My Non-Furry Friends

  1. Mr. P. when Sir/Lord P. releases you from indentured servitude please take a look at David Lebovitz site. He is an American who,lives part time in Paris. He is a huge fan of ice cream. Has an ice cream book out that you might find on amazon. His recipes are solid and, maybe, it will peak your interest to start creating your own.


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