Food Scenes From a Chinese Restaurant


Hello dear reader. Sorry that I’ve been a little anti-social on the blog front for the past few days, but once this test is done on Tuesday I hope to be back to normal and commenting on your blogs as per usual. In the meantime, here are some photos from an engagement dinner we went to for Mrs P’s cousin yesterday. Note the huge white chocolate cake, it was made by Mrs P’s wonderful and talented aunt, who also made the amazing chocolate cake for our wedding. The food was served by Grand Harbour, the sibling restaurant to Grand Park, a favourite of ours for Yum Char. I didn’t manage to get decent photos of everything because of the variable nature of the lazy Suzan at dinner, but hopefully there’s enough here for your viewing pleasure. Many thanks to Mrs P’s aunt and uncle, cousin and fiancée, and fiancée’s family. It was a very delicious dinner and a great time.

Oh, and the deep fried squid with salt and pepper in particular rocked. Best we’ve had at a Chinese restaurant in memory. Effortlessly crispy outside, and an interior that complied with the wishes of my incisors without question or objection, with that little bit of spice that makes existence extra nice.

12 thoughts on “Food Scenes From a Chinese Restaurant

  1. Oooh congrats to them. And the cake looks stunning! Very Asian in colour which I suppose is what she was aiming for….love the white chocolate pieces. Nom.

    The sun cake looks so flaky and golden! Though I’m one for wife biscuits usually…

    P.S. Peking duck and lobster and e-fu noodles?!?!?! Good gosh.

  2. Congrats to Mrs P’s cousin. All the food looks great. By the way I nominated you for the Dragon Loyalty Award. You don’t need to do anything about it if you don’t want to…

  3. Good luck on your test Mr. P! Mrs. Ps aunt is indeed a talented baker, look sobeautiful and I’m sure it’s delicious 😀 Take care. Hope to see you around soon.

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