Study Break Gelato

21 thoughts on “Study Break Gelato

    1. Yes, scotch. I saw it last time I was at Giapo and passed up the opportunity, but you mentioned you’d probably have gone for it if it had been you. So I couldn’t let it go a second time. Such a rich and smoky character, goes so well with the dark chocolate.


    Hurry up and finish your exam already. Grumbles grumbles.

    Kidding! Good luuuuuck and say hi to Mrs. P for meee! ❤

      1. Hooray! That is fun for you. As for me – seemingly forever. Well until tonight actually, as today I have the pleasure of spending 8.30am-6.30pm of my 22nd birthday at university! Fun! Then possibly off away for the weekend. So my wordpress absense is sadly not over. I’ve cooked a small bunch of goodies but I have not a bone of creativity in me and writing seems such a chore

      2. Um, who do you think you’re talking to? I’ve seen your photos and read your prose, if that’s you not having creativity Whitman would weep at the site what would be good enough to fit the description.

        I know how hard it can seem when you’re stuck at the bottom of academic books, not the best muse in the world. Always remember how well your photos speak for you too, regardless of what you feel about what you write. Although, I have plenty of moments of envy when admiring your turn of phrase on some of your posts.

    1. Yes! The new topping policy is definitely a most delicious development. This was my first visit since they refurbished the place and made it look all fancy. I thought for a moment that they’d moved. I like the new feel of the place.

    1. Yeah! Giapo has really stepped its game up (although they don’t have quite the same variety of flavours that they used to, but then that makes coming to a decision easier).

  2. Oh my… that is amazing combination you’ve got there! And I am most curious about the gelato – I love Laphroaig. Hope tor read a full mouthwatering taste description of this break treat soon.
    Fingers crossed for the testresult – when will you know how you did?

    1. I think I have to make a return journey to properly savour and consider the flavours. Having tax law in on the brain tends to dampen any attempt to stimulate the creative centres of my mind.

      At least, that’s what I’ll tell myself in this excuse to procure more gelato.

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