Blogging Deleted Scenes

Hello pretty blog people. It’s after 9pm on the night of the test. I’ve got a couple of forget all the mistakes I made beers in me, a couple of I’ve missed you Mrs P kisses on me and a desire to post all round. So what we do on a night like this is give you the scenes that weren’t good enough to make the actual feature, but can fill the extras portion of the DVD if we put enough of them together.



Oh she may be weary. And young girls they do get weary, eating the same old Bolognese. But when she gets weary, try a little lentilness.

This was supposed to be part of my get a guy to cook an easy meal series, a testament to how I cooked my way into Mrs P’s heart. But I wasn’t happy with the photos or the recipe, which I cribbed from a Ripe Deli recipe for Moussaka but switched mint for thyme and some of the mince for lentils. Paired with cabbage in place of pasta, I thought it was a nice way to kind of have a Bolognese with a really low starchy carb content. We like it for dinner, but I didn’t like it enough to devote a whole post to it.



This was another substitute cabbage for pasta deal, using this Papaya Pieces recipe here. Now, we really enjoyed this pasta, but I wasn’t a fan of the photos. Don’t let the quality of this photo stop me from recommending the delicious simplicity of the recipe to you though.



Another easy get a guy to cook meal, while also being low on the starchy carbs. Brown your chicken with garlic and canola oil, give the whole thing a good dusting of garam masala, chuck in 450gms of quinoa, a litre of chicken stock, and let it cook for ten minutes. Take it off the heat, leave for another ten minutes, fluff it up, garnish with coriander, and you’re away. I quite like this with kewpie mayonnaise myself. Still not a pretty picture for me, so it gets lumped in here.



This is a Jamie Oliver recipe. Basically it involved browning some chicken, boiling some potatoes (yeah SEG and other non-Irish potato-phobes, boring I know, just sub in some Kumara/sweet ones instead) and steeping some pierced cherry tomatoes in boiling water (and pinching the skins off). Then the whole lot is put together in a roasting dish with some fresh oregano, which has been bashed with a mortar and pestle with some extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, and some red wine vinegar. Cook in an oven for forty minutes. All the food comes out like a oregano femme fatale has worked the chicken, potato and tomato party and left her intoxicating aroma everywhere. Good stuff, just not good enough on its own, so here it is with the miscellany.

Lastly, thank-you to those of you who have been good to me while I’ve been less than present for you. I do check in on the blog during breaks and it means a lot for every amazing person out there who takes the time to read and for some of you takes the time out from producing amazing content on your own blogs (and/or in real life) to post comments on my blog. Most of all thanks to Mrs P who puts up with all the study brooding. Good night blog land. It’s after ten now and I need Mrs P to proof read the post. See you all tomorrow, where I’ll hopefully make a start on some of the awards that have popped up recently.

18 thoughts on “Blogging Deleted Scenes

  1. Love it and the recipes! The photos are great… way better than any I ever! I like how you use veggies and papaya (must try that) instead of pasta.

  2. Is that a song I hear for your lentilness ?

    Wow , I can hardly imagine when you consider to be the utpopia of a perfect shot , but those meals look amazing regardless! I’ve been missing out so I’m not up to par with whats going on but best of luck on your test !!

    Floating chicken bits and good will faeries.

  3. (yeah SEG and other non-Irish potato-phobes, boring I know, just sub in some Kumara/sweet ones instead)

    Heh heh heh. I’m getting better. E.g. adding roasted garlic and a touch of parmigiano helps. My next post has something with mashed potatoes in it too…?!?! Strange..

    I love the generous “sprinkle” …okay, generous “downpour” of cheese on the first two plates. Mmm. If I find some turkey sausage I’ll see about Sofia’s recipe. Your dishes look full of yumyum though, despite your claims. Sadly the other half hates peas as much as Mrs. P despises bananas so…but I do so love peas and poached tomatoes and your jubbly dish looks like it would really hit the spot. Guess it’s going to be one of those days when he’s out and I get to have the whole thing for myself…..:D yay


    1. I’m finally in a space where a block of cheese can last me more than five days in a week, but when I have an excuse to use it, I really want to make the most of it.

      Thankfully Mrs P loves her some peas, most appropriate. Does the SMF hate all manner of podded peas?

      1. That’s good! Unfortunate for the wallet that I haven’t reached that stage yet. Aha!

        Ummmm he says he only hates peas that are removed from the pod. If it’s in the pod, then there’s no problem. I gave him a very proper “wut dafug” face and eyebrow raise, but yeah. He’s a strange one he is. ❤

  4. Hehe your photo looks a bit different to my dish. but I bet you it was great! I’ve never cooked with quinoa, (shock horror from all the real healthy people, I know, please I hope only you read this comment). Hhmm I should take not of your recipe here!

    1. That was my first time cooking with quinoa, I think I’ll be using it a lot more to substitute for rice.

      And yeah, I didn’t feel like my photos did your recipe enough justice for a post on its own, but I did want to tell people how delicious it was.

  5. Ha. You are hilarious!! I’m actually enjoying a little bit of beer right now Mr Peckish gent. Yes. Brilliant, yes it is. In other news, I love quinoa. I cook it all the time these days, as it’s so nutritious and it cooks in much less time than rice. And in terms of prettiness, I think you’ve got food styling down pat (though, as a man you don’t really need to do ‘pretty’, do you? That’s what my husband tells me anyway, as he cuts inch-thick slices of tomato). Herbs can brighten and hide a myriad of sins!

    1. I rub shoulders with some great food photographers like yourself on wordpress, which inspires the kind of envy that leaves me unsatisfied unless I get a similar feel that I do looking at yours or others’ photos (within reason, but still).

  6. With beer, all the photos look great. Just kidding. Really, they look good why you delete them from the blogging scene? They make me wanna eat 🙂

    1. If I’m not satisfied with the photos, it’s even harder to write about something. I usually go back to the photos when I’m writing for inspiration. Plus, in the case of reproducing blogger recipes, they do mean a lot to me, so I want to get it as right as I can. Like, I tried your congee in the weekend, but my study addled brain completely messed up the water to rice ratio (waaaay too much water). It was actually still delicious, but I really want to get it right before I give it its own post.

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