Joshua’s Black Doris Plum Sorbet


I think there’s something to be said for a good scoop experience. Being able to carve easily through an ice cream/gelato/sorbet and manipulate it into plump spheres of flavour is such a pleasure. This was only the beginning of the joy this sorbet brought. First you’re sucked 10,000 leagues under the sorbet sea to the darkest, purest depths of plum flavour you could ask for. Icy, yet sweet and sticky, at those depths you are privy to every flavour secret the plum harbours in its flesh. When you come up for air, you’re gently rocked on waves of tartness that build without ever cresting or dumping you unceremoniously back down again. Altogether this is a fresh tasting intensity that seriously tempts me to procure another tub for the purposes of tiding me over while plums are out of season.


Serve sculpted to perfection in a bowl of your choice.


15 thoughts on “Joshua’s Black Doris Plum Sorbet

    1. That would be a fun job, although I’m thinking it might be fun to write a children’s book about fruits and vegetables that makes them sound delicious as possible, with some basic recipes thrown in for them to try.

      1. Uh, I’ve been singing the same tune for a while now! Told you Mr. P.

        I’d buy that book for my baby cousins. As an excuse, of course, to read it for myself.

        The taste wasn’t even slightly sour?

      2. I didn’t find it sour. But I have been tasting Little Paddock Boysenberry recently too, and I found that to be surprisingly sour, so maybe the sourness of the plum failed in make an impression because of the comparison.

      1. Hey PK – I’m a wee bit of a Jared fan. Your foodhub recipe is not so similar to the drunken aunties version. I’m happy to send the recipe to you BUT I think you should be able to access it here:

        If you can get your hands on Jared’s ‘Dank Street Depot’ cookbook, his beef shin recipe AND his balsamic corned beef recipe are favourites at Casa TSL. 🙂

      2. Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said there was a lot involved with the recipe. That is not something I would pull out at Christmas unless that was all I was doing at Christmas (bear in mind, I’m almost always holding a do on Boxing Day for my birthday, so hosting Christmas always needs to be an easier affair).

  1. Plum sorbet! Yes. I trust that you’ve seen Messinas updates lately? I can tell you from personal experience that the coconut custard gelato with banana jam is life changing.

    1. I’ve been trying not to pay too much attention, it makes me sad I don’t live in Sydney, I think only ice cream/gelato can do that to me. I’m glad there’s banana in that one, because the Mrs P factor puts it off the menu.

      Sounds like it would be life changing in an alternate where Mrs P does enjoy banana though.

      Damn it, now you’ve got me wanting to live in an alternate universe!

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