Le Pirate’s Asparagus, Blue Cheese, Chilli + Filo Tart


I’ve eaten it all. Mrs P just looked at me staring longingly at my empty plate and told me I can have the last piece, which is really from her share. You’ll have to excuse me, I’ll be back to finish this post after I’m done with the final piece.


I want to tell you how effortlessly delicious this tart is without using Nigella again, but I’m busy thinking about how well the blue cheese and ricotta worked that filo dance floor. Blue cheese is often trotted out to show off and get in your face for lesser recipes. For some people it’s controversial and a little too much. Having ricotta on its arm restrains some of those urges while still maintaining that distinct character. Pull in the asparagus and chilli and it’s an ensemble performance you’ll be happy to have strictly come dancing all over your taste buds. Be prepared, at about the six minute mark the tart really started calling out to me, begging me to take it out of the oven and get stuck in. Even our oven was eager to get this onto our plate. At about the twelve minute mark the tart was probably ready, and we pulled it out before the fifteen minute mark. As you can see, it is considerably more tanned than le pirate’s version. Also, be cautioned against how easy it is to devour this all in one go. I mean, really. I shook my head at le pirate’s suggestion of accompanying leafy greens, thinking there was more than enough for me in a couple of slices of tart.


Next minute…


29 thoughts on “Le Pirate’s Asparagus, Blue Cheese, Chilli + Filo Tart

      1. Ok, I’m fasting tomorrow cause it’s Good Friday over here and nearly Easter so I probably won’t check your blog 🙂 too tempting 🙂

  1. Looks & sounds delicious! I’m not a blue cheese fan but I’d be tempted to give this a go… I can almost smell it wafting from the oven… ‘how well the blue cheese & ricotta worked that filo dance floor’… love it! 🙂

    1. I like to think it’s pretty well balanced. I’m not a huge fan of in your face blue cheese, and Mrs P isn’t much of a fan of blue cheese period (have to be careful with anything too cheesy period). But I felt like this really worked.

      1. I’ve always thought red chillies to be more suitable for asian until the first time i ate chillies and anchovies pizza, it was love at first bite. that was years ago 😉

  2. Uhm. “Le Pirate” in the header should’ve warned me to keep a box of kleenex handy for all the drool-inducing photos you’d post! WOW! Seriously, it feels like I’m chowing down right next to you guys. Looks phenomenal. I’d take the whole slab and run, to be honest, but…okay, since it’s you guys, I won’t.

    Totally just “open in new tab”bed the third photo. To see the cheese spread up close and personal. Eyegasmic.

    1. Yeah, one sort of needs to wear a bib whenever reading wordpress now just in case she’s decided to slip a tasty new addition on to her blog.

      I think now that I know how tasty it is, I’ll make enough for one slab per person. Well, maybe one for each hand for you, if you’re feeling hungry and speedy (which you probably are with those morning runs) and then one per person for everyone else.

      1. HI. I’M FINALLY OUTTA MAH WORDPRESS FUNK. True that, make it a bib and a napkin in the lap. Double damage stuff y’know.

        I GOTTA MAKE IT TOO THEN. Unless you find some way to dry freeze and chuck it across the waters…oh well. Ugh. So hungry now. Why you make me hungry? *enter crying meme here*

      2. Me make you hungry? I’ve just finished the last piece of the brown butter peach earl grey pound cake, and this is after we made another batch of your carbonara today. So um, the reason is turnabout is fair play.

  3. The flakiness of that crust or tart or whatever that was. Oh my goodness, I am making this! But from I read, I should probably make two, because I refuse to share.

    1. I was very much the same. Being caught a few too many times unprepared made even the idea of the cheese unpalatable. Had the introduction been made in this sort of forum I’d imagine my opinion would be very different.

  4. Oh my god! Your writing! I’m so glad the tart worked out well for you, too. Yours looks far more substantial than mine does 🙂

    1. I wonder, could I do this recipe with puff pastry? We’re planning to make this for some friends next week, and working with puff instead of my clumsy hands fiddling with the filo could make it a little easier, as we’d be operating out of an unfamiliar kitchen.

      1. Puff would work an absolute treat. That was my original plane but alas, we had none whatsoever

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