Peckish Sr’s Birthday

So it’s 11:23pm and I’m running out of time to put a post together for today. So I’ll dial up a few images from today’s shenanigans, starting with my attempt to recreate Sassy Earl Grey’s Browned Butter Earl Grey Tea Pound Cake with Sweet Yellow Peaches and Vanilla Drizzle. 300g of butter later I’m not sure how well I did on the first two words in the title of that cake, but it seems there’s a generous amount of forgiveness in SEG’s recipe, because it still came out tasting a treat (a more in depth post tomorrow, I was too stuffed with food and beer tonight to properly break my thoughts down, so some cake will be had tomorrow when I can properly meditate on its delights). I also did a repeat of Nigella’s Guinness chocolate cake, which is a bit of a favourite with the family.

Well, I say I, but as usual I couldn’t have got there without Mrs P’s assistance. She was always there to help me when I looked like I was getting flustered or getting off track, as I can do when I decide to try to bake two cakes one after the other.

The kitties also helped by providing entertainment, including a spat on the dining room table chairs followed by a bout of sulking.

18 thoughts on “Peckish Sr’s Birthday

    1. We discovered to our surprise the other day that Napoleon really likes blue cheese. It’s partly surprising because one of the biggest frights I’ve ever given them was when they were sleeping in their old cat bed, and I put a bit of blue cheese under their noses while they were sleeping. They got up with a huge start like someone had given them an electric shock from nowhere.

    1. heh, yeah, I remember thinking how similar they looked, although I’ve never seen him look as surprised as that photo you took of your Mum’s with the neighbour’s cat.

      1. When I made those photos was a hilarious moment. My mums cat was looking so bewildered, then the neighbours cat was just pulling these weird looks 🙂 I have to say I can’t wait for when I can have my own cat, then you know who will be appearing in my blog all the time lol.

  1. Well, just open 17 tabs from the WordPress Reader. You’re the first (for the second time) again! Definitely because I need to preen a little. And definitely to stare at Nigella’s guinness cake. Pedro and Napolean!!!!!! I’ve missed them. Still waiting to cash in own my cuddle time.

    Can’t wait for the post! Assuming it’s going to be later in the day…:) I’ll be patient.

    1. There’s two of them, although the photos of Napoleon aren’t great here, Pedro has a bit of a white stache, and is the more reticent of the two, that’s why he’s Pedro. Napoleon is the more brash, I’ll do whatever I wanna do GOSH type, so we named him Napoleon. The two make a very interesting double act.

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