Little Paddock Boysenberry Ice Cream – Somewhat Subdued


I was quite excited to try this ice cream. Most boysenberry ice creams I come across have vanilla ice cream with a boysenberry ripples, so the idea of a boysenberry ripple in boysenberry ice-cream was a welcome point of difference. However, I’m not sure whether the reduced contrast between the ice cream and the ripple hurts the impact that boysenberry flavour otherwise has in an ice cream. Everything feels a little toned down, right down to the pale pastel colour of the ice cream itself. There’s a gentle sourness towards the end of the flavour pickings, which might represent a rich harvest that makes a pleasant distinguishing factor between Little Paddock and other brands. For me, I like a higher volume, producing a more vibrant flavour that really smacks me about the dessert chops.

Serve when you want your boysenberry to play more of a background supporting role than a bright, scene stealing cameo.

13 thoughts on “Little Paddock Boysenberry Ice Cream – Somewhat Subdued

  1. Its that time of the week again when I wish I had that amazing ice cream… Though your description of this one makes things less painful 🙂

  2. PK – you are truly a connoisseur of the ice cream world.

    And, yes – I will be having dairy when I go home. There are at least two ice cream /gelato stops that I can think of in Matakana!

      1. There’s Charlies Gelato place (my nephew’s favourite because they share a name) and there’s the ice cream shop in Matakana proper.

        I just had a call from NZ and apparently the weather is DREADFUL. Mayhap it will be too cold for an ice cream-fest…

      2. Yep, this 100 day cough I’ve got going isn’t going away any time soon with this weather. That said, there is nothing about this weather that will hold me back from ice cream 😉

  3. Such a shame! Boysonberry ripple is one of my favourites. Though I am of the firm belief that all ice-cream flavours should have a vanilla base.

  4. That color! It looks sinful so I bet it’s amazingly scrumptious. Boysenberry and vanilla seems like a delightful combination. Not too fruity, I imagine it tasted like eating a parfait.

  5. Boysenberry is something I always associate with NZ! Have you tried any Old Mout ciders? They make an amazing Boysencider that definitely punches you in the proverbial chops (link below).They also make a feijoa one which I am… uh, not so fond of. I don’t know how Kiwis eat those sour things! This ice cream looks delicious. Partly due to the packaging. I am so shallow when it comes to attractive packaging; if it’s pretty, I’ll buy it.

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