13-Herbs-and-Spices Chicken


I’ve had this little cookbook from Michael Van de Elzen for a good year now. Making peoples’ favourite takeaways more nutritious, while making sure that they can still be served at a decent pace out of a food truck, is just the sort of show to pique my interest. A usual episode will have the host buying a range of items from the usual suspects, whether they be burgers, soft drinks/soda/pop (does that cover all the terminology?) right through to Mexican, Sushi, and Curries. I hope one day to review his take on Coca-Cola, but for today I’d like to introduce you to his substitute for the Colonel’s secret herb and spice concoction.


Go over here for the actual recipe.

So, after having a go at this I don’t know if I would qualify as Brigadier Peckish. In return for seriously dialing back the fat and sodium content I’m pretty happy to enlist this particular chicken coating in substitute for the few secret herbs and MSG or whatever it is they make the chicken out of at the Colonel’s place. We made about a kilo of chicken thighs out of this recipe, and I probably wolfed down about 800g of it all by myself. So much for taking some for lunch the next day. These were comforting, down home, a little wonky with the way they came out of the egg wash, but I loved them. Compared to some of the other recipes in this book, this is relatively quick to put together as well. Basically all the seasonings go in at the same proportion (1/2 a teaspoon each) except for the salt and chicken stock powder. In our experience, a full cup of potato flour and cornflour were not necessary, we’ll probably opt for half that amount next time.


Serve with citrus mash and coleslaw if you must be civilised, or with greasy fingers and plate licking after a long day in the trenches.

14 thoughts on “13-Herbs-and-Spices Chicken

  1. We made about a kilo of chicken thighs out of this recipe, and I probably wolfed down about 800g of it all by myself.

    Wow, if that doesn’t convince your fellow readers to make them then I don’t know what will!

    Well, I’m not sure about the citrus mash, but I’d love to shred this 13 Chicken and throw them between some kaiser rolls with a good slather of homemade aioli.

    Peckish, Sir, if I was anywhere near Auckland I would probably resort to a dinner crash.Not even kidding.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know about the citrus mash either to be honest. If I was going to do a mash it would probably be chilli and roasted garlic.

      Snuggled up in some bread is of course the best solution though.

  2. Great… I was making chicken today and I’ve already gone and seasoned it before reading this recipe. Woe is me. Woe is most definitely me.

  3. Colonel’s recipe is pressure- cooked and then leaving the id off to deep fry till crispy golden. This baked version seemed healthier. One question though, does the potato flour and corn flour make the chicken skin/coating gooey?

    1. There are crunchy bits and gooey bits with the way I did it, which was a bit rushed last night. I didn’t turn them over during cooking which didn’t help, and took them out of the oven as soon as I could, rather than leaving them for another ten minutes per the recipe.

      1. i saw his page and his looked more crispy. hmmm. patience is jey here. guess you were too hungry to wait, lol… 800g!

  4. PK – you are introducing me to new things. My Ripe II cookbook is waiting for me to collect in Auckland and now this. Wow – I checked out the recipe AND have printed it out. Daren’t show the teenager just yet! When you next bring Mrs P to Sydney, I urge you to head to Hartsyard in Newtown for their Fried Chicken with buttermilk biscuit and low country sausage gravy. They make their own sodas, too.

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