The Many Moods of Pedro

So often a temperamental soul, especially when the camera is on him, sometimes it is possible to catch Pedro in a moment of serene meditation. It’s quite the turnaround to have the little guy change from an almost disdainful awareness for the way I’ll offer him up for our amusement on this site, to this kind of thoughtful posing for the camera. These three photos are taken in sequence, as they happened.

16 thoughts on “The Many Moods of Pedro

    1. Depends of what kind of purring he’s doing. He’s got an angry purr too. His best look is when he sticks his nose with the air with his eyes shut like some kind of pensive sage.

  1. I do bet that when he’s in his serene meditation he’s thinking something incredibly intellectual. It would be interesting to chat! He also looks like he’s posing, so cool.

    1. Mrs P chose the collar. We’ve gone through a few versions because Napoleon is so good at taking them off and they both like to chew them to death. Hopefully these two will last a little longer this time.

  2. Pedro is so cute! 🙂 my cat hates it when i try to talk to him while he’s meditating, he gives me the “i need peace and quiet NOW” glare :p

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