Kohu Road Dark Chocolate Ice Cream


There’s a scene in Pulp Fiction where Uma Thurman’s character orders a $5 shake. 1994 John Travolta is gobsmacked by the price and that his boss’ wife is prepared to pay that much for it. When the shake arrives, Travolta is pretty keen for a try. He loves it, while not sure whether it’s worth the $5, he’s sure he loves the free taste he got. Whenever I see a tub of Kohu Road Ice Cream in the freezer, I think of that movie scene, because purchasing a one litre tub won’t see you get much change out of $20.


On top of that, the flavours are unapologetically succinct. We’re not rippling the ice cream or adding bits except for Cookies and Cream. It’s all about single flavours done well: Banana, Milk Chocolate, Macha, and Vanilla to name a few. Just about every tub I’ve picked up has a little gold badge on it boasting of the NZ ice cream award it’s won.


Today we’re talking about Dark Chocolate. I enjoy an ice cream company that knows how to optimise your experience. They advise you to put the tub in the fridge for 15 minutes softening before tucking in. I look forward to the ice cream company that tells me what the best ambient temperature and soundtrack are to pair with my tub of softly served confectionery. This ice cream is rich, Barry White singing to you through a solid gold microphone rich. Prepare for a reverberation through your taste buds in a way that sticks to your soul and leaves a sensation of a fine and playfully bitter dusting of ground cocoa particles on the palate.


Is it worth $20? Well, you’re probably asking the wrong person if you want a considered budget breakdown. Let me just say that this isn’t the first time I’ve shelled out for their ice cream, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last. There are times when I think the occasion calls for this sort of ice cream. I can thoroughly recommend their espresso flavour, even as someone who doesn’t care for coffee, and their Golden Syrup is also worth a look. I think if you pressed me I’d say that for this particular Dark Chocolate flavour, the budget conscious might spring for Little Paddock’s Chocolate Brownie ice cream and look forward to a close enough rich chocolate experience, with a few brownie pieces thrown in.

Serve all at once with someone you love with the shades pulled down, the lights low, and smooth music on in the background.

14 thoughts on “Kohu Road Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

    1. Dark chocolate is a tricky proposition for me on its own. Do you like Milk Chocolate? That’s definitely more delicious to me than dark chocolate. The extra creaminess and sweetness that tends to come from dark chocolate ice cream certainly make it more appealing than dark chocolate on its own. Have you tried dark chocolate sorbet before?

      Heh, glad you like the Pulp Fiction reference. The movie is getting a little old now, never sure how much that sort of thing will be appreciated.

      1. Oh yeah and I have the soundtrack for Pulp Fiction, I love it. Oh, definitely, I prefer milk chocolate on its own for the creaminess and sweetness. I like dark chocolate only when its mixed in with something else (hello strawberries). And wow dark chocolate sorbet I have not tried but sounds very intriguing and wonderful…

  1. the ice cream in the fridge trick is ultimate – but usually I’m too lazy and end up nuking the tub. is this richer than haagen dazs belgian chocolate? (this is the only internationally available line that actually has ice cream I would be happy to sit down to!)

    $20 is a little dear for at-home ice cream, but you’d likely pay much more out there!

  2. Haha I agree it is so funny to watch price references from bygone eras. I even remember being gobsmacked to pay $6 for a mango smoothie about seven years back. Though that is some smooth looking ice-cream.

  3. Hi Mr. P. May I use your top photo in this piece for a blog thatI’m writing? I will give you credit and links to your page. Please let me know. Hopefully, you’ll get this.

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