Blogging Prototypes

Alas, not every blog makes it past the early production stages. I do a lot of blog writing in my head (not always a good thing, sometimes I get better material as I type) and if nothing grabs me during that process, that topic doesn’t grab a spot in a post on its own. Here are a few food items that didn’t get past the early phases of manufacture and on to full commercial output.

The Kahlua Conundrum

This is one of those unfortunate circumstances where my writing isn’t inspired. The food item in question does what it says on the tin so well that there’s not much point going further than what you see is what you get. Except for Pedro. He can probably tell you more about this ice cream in a few contemplative looks than I could with a thousand words of prose finished off with a few couplets. These photos are again taken in sequence. Deep South have made some nice ice cream that tastes like Kahlua. Apart from the apparent lack of alcoholic content, if you like the Kahlua flavour, you probably won’t be disappointed.

The Curtailed Cake Caper

Here’s a little wedge of indulgence that turned up at work one day. Let me tell you, there was much inhaling and ganaching of teeth for this Heart of Flavour cake. Unfortunately, I had this cake while at work, and for the most part, coming up with nifty ways to describe food while working as an accountant is like trying to come up with nifty ways to store cat treats right under Napoleon’s nose. It was great cake, but when you’re trying to account for your time in six minute lots, it’s too easy to lose the memory of those prose inspiring flavours in the next financial dilemma.

Let me also say that Heart of Flavour have historically done the best white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake that I’ve ever had the pleasure of purchasing from, well, anyone. We had some at Peckish Sr’s 50th many moons ago, and there was some left over at the end of the night. I tried really hard to sell people on having an extra slice. I told them that they risked lying on their death bed, regretting the last bite of white chocolate cheesecake that they never took because they didn’t listen to me when I offered it to them. I did manage to offload some, but for those who still refused, I got to take their share home and happily ate it myself. No way I’m dying with that sort of regret.

The Salad Struggle

On deeper thought, my struggle with this salad has probably been less about the salad than the kind of week I’ve had. With the weather turning thoroughly dark and wet, and work being particularly busy, I haven’t had the same bounce of creativity upon coming home in the evenings. Study requirements haven’t helped. Also, as some of you might have noticed, I’ve been around less on others’ blogs and commenting has been an even rarer occasion. I get a lot of inspiration from the rest of you out there, which has probably dampened my ability to effuse about this salad, which is actually quite a fine salad. This week my tastes have demanded that this beetroot, red cabbage, edamame (broad bean in the original recipe), goji berry, red quinoa, and spinach (or cavolo nero) salad be accompanied by a protein, and I even made another batch of the 13 herbs and spices chicken I posted about earlier in the week. Let me say, on a second run through (and after finding the episode to watch online) the recipe in the cookbook for the chicken is horribly misleading. Frying up the herbs is supposed to be for fresh herbs, not dried. The chef himself did the coating on the program thus: cornflour, water, and egg white wash, followed by dipping in a mixture of potato and rice flour with the rest of the herbs. He did not do it by dipping the chicken in egg white, then potato and cornflour, then the herbs, as per the cookbook instruction. I thought this was funny at the time, but figured, what do I know, I’m not a chef. That’s why the final result was in some places more gooey than crunchy. This effort with the salad was more Colonel worthy.

So those are this weeks snippets. Happy weekend everyone!

14 thoughts on “Blogging Prototypes

    1. Argh, yes, you know what I’m talking about. Even worse there’s been a couple of times I thought of things I think are cool while commenting on others’ blogs, and decided to save them for my own, only to forget them because I don’t write them down somewhere.

  1. Pedro looks like he’s waiting for tasters! Mutley always sits next to whoever has food and rests her chin on the nearest leg whilst looking all puppy eyed and pathetic in the hopes of a tidbit! She definitely knows how to look cute for food! ::D

    1. He’s tricky that Pedro. He didn’t actually take anything in the end. He likes to come up and play like he wants some, but then just sniffs and it and doesn’t actually take a bite. Pedro is quite the food snob, Napoleon would be more appropriately named The Peckish Kitty.

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by. Yours is another blog I’m kicking myself for not finding before you found me. Can’t wait to get deeper into reading your recipes and visually devouring your photos.

  2. I bet if Pedro could type he’s write some deep reviews on ice cream 😉 Hey good luck with what you’re studying, by the way! If it makes you feel better, the commuting (or precisely, the getting up so early) for my job is still tiring me out so much. I think I’m only adapting 5% each week….

    1. You’re still maintaining a pretty good posting pace considering, adapting would make posting an even harder prospect for me. Our cooking at home time has definitely suffered the last couple of weeks. Hopefully we’ll get better this week, although we are sort of celebrating our engagement anniversary early next Saturday because the place where I proposed is closing down.

      1. I’m considering write a post or two less than before because the getting up so early is killing me… and I need to play the piano more to practice for the next student concert 🙂 I have a pretty bad camera (will upgrade when I can) so I was also worried that the lack of good daytime lighting food photos would be a problem for the blog, but at the end its proved itself not so. Plus then I discovered the INDOOR and NIGHT functions in the camera, yay! Congratulations for your engagement anniversary (of how any years??), have a great time!

  3. Exactly how I’m feeling right now! I keep thinking ‘this would be great to blog about!’ but when I get home, the thoughts fly out of my head. I would love your freezer. It seems to be one that will always be stocked with ice cream!

  4. I’d show up to your workplace as a ninja just to have a few slices of that cake. Try to blend in with the flower pots or something. Unless you don’t have flower pots then, uh, bribe someone with half the share of my cake. But anyway, yuuuuum!! Totally my type.

    beetroot, red cabbage, edamame, goji berry, red quinoa, and spinach (or cavolo nero) salad

    Waaaah? Sorry, the brain will be back later. All the cells went to the mouth to keep from over salivating.

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