Pizza and Milktart

Weekend catch up with friends. Once you’ve figured out what date you’re catching up, who is hosting and what time suits everyone, then there’s the nitty gritty of who is cooking what. I had promised to put together another one of le pirate’s Asparagus, Blue Cheese, Chilli + Filo Tarts. However, after a few trial runs with filo and puff pastry, the logistics of cooking the tart before we made the forty minute trip across town, or fiddling with pastry when we got there, just didn’t feel like a recipe with high odds for success. So we went with pizza instead (which is a bit of a cliché when the six of us hang out, but sometimes needs must).


So because we were cooking vegetarian, and I’d bought a bunch of blue cheese in advance for the tart, we went for a caramelised onion, blue cheese, mushroom, and spinach pizza. I’m a real sucker for caramelised onion on a pizza, ever since Peckish Sr first threw some Whitlocks caramelised onion chutney on a pizza a few years ago, but I don’t often take the time to caramelise my own. Given that I wasn’t delivering what I promised with the tart, I hoped that some lovingly caramelised onion and a homemade pizza sauce might provide delicious consolation. Close call, but I think we just about did it.


Then my South African mate pulls one out of the bag. We’ve often had a weird mind meld thing happening over the years, and yesterday was another fine example of this in action. For the first time ever he made a traditional South African milktert for us. This not only pre-empted me asking him why he’d been holding out on us with this delicious dessert, it also meant that in a way le pirate was there with us in spirit, as his delicious version made it undeniably clear how much I need to have this Orange Blossom + Honey version in my life.


What a fun afternoon, and we had a lot of fun with our mate’s kid, who provided all sorts of entertainment, and showed off his throwing arm with some well aimed building blocks that zeroed in on my head with remarkably unerring accuracy.

7 thoughts on “Pizza and Milktart

  1. You finally got to try melktert! How exciting! Was it magical?! I can only assume so. It’s hard to mess one up (though admittedly I did the first time I made one – too much flour, ’twas a bit pasty, but ironed out that little glitch fast) Oh please make mine! I feel like someone needs to enjoy it because I am officially banned from making it again under a ‘blasphemy’ clause. Who knew it was such an ordeal to bastardize your significant others national treat?

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