Mother’s Day Morsels

Oh dear. I’m lying back on the couch on Sunday evening nursing what Mrs P would normally refer to as a food baby. What a day. However, my phone has been acting up, so the photos are all from the afternoon’s eating at Mama Peckish’s. First order of the day was a split trip between us and our parents. We went to KK Malaysian Cuisine for Char Kway Teow (see here for a full break down and a how to for making your own), Chicken Laksa, and in honour of Mother’s Day Mummy Chicken (妈咪鸡 – billed as “The caramelize [sic] dark sauce, coated with the KK fried chicken and garnish with wok toasted  sesame seeds”). The folks went to Barilla Dumplings and came back with  Beef and Cumin, Prawn and Pork, Pork and Chives, and Chicken and ?? They also came back with KFC for Peckish Bro.

Both of the establishments in question are popular, and Mother’s Day only exacerbated their usually busy condition. KK Malaysian were good enough to tell us we’d have a thirty to forty minute wait (which allowed me to go down to Liquorland to get a couple of beers to drink with Peckish Sr, and also have someone back into our parked car while we were making our selections). Barilla sounded more chaotic.

If you ever go to Barilla yourself, try your best to eat in rather than order takeaway. The service borders on surly at the best of times, but ordering takeaway will likely see you suffer one of the following circumstances: not being told that part of your order has sold out until the other part is cooked and getting cold and you ask “Hey, where’s our order,” or significant amounts of other people having their orders filled before yours even if they put theirs in after you. That said, the dumplings are pretty good. A lot of town’s finest Foodie Two Shoes hang out there for their dumpling fix. While Barilla has its place, I’d personally go for a decent Yum Char where I can order smaller plates of a lot of dumplings, rather than one or two orders of twenty dumplings. Still, you generally can’t get beef and cumin at Yum Char.

KK Malaysian was great. $42 got us a huge helping of Laksa, and a decent serving of Char Kway Teow and Mummy Chicken. The Char Kway Teow isn’t too far different from what I had at Kampung Malaysian in Ponsonby. Trying to chow down on the Mummy Chicken quickly turned into a dangerously delicious minefield. Deliciously caramelised chicken, so sticky with flavour, enticed such enthusiasm out of my chewing action that crunching on the little shards of bone came as a serious shock to the dental system. Being tentative with my chewing takes serious affectation on my part, and took away from my enjoyment in the end. Great flavours though. Taking the starring role, in my opinion, was the Laksa. There was so much food that I only had a bit, but it left such a delicious impression. Even after a ride home in a plastic tub, and somewhat cooled, the rich spiciness flashed its flavour cash all over my palate, which happily sold out to its charms.


Peckish Brother thought it was important to point out that there was a chip served in the bucket of chicken. So here it is, a photo of a bucket of KFC with a chip served in it.


Liquorland is my usual drive by when I’m trawling for a new beer to try. They delivered another couple of beauties today. I’ve always wanted to try a Garage Project Beer and really love it. Up until now that quest had usually ended in disappointment. Not so today with this Hops on Pointe, which really delivered, despite being a larger, which usually struggle to impress me. Please try to grab yourself a bottle, before I go about trying to secure all of Auckland’s stock for myself, so I can enjoy the way the delicate flavours pirouette on my palate.


This Stone Brewing IPA was also flavoursome and delicious, although by this time the food baby was in full gestation and I wasn’t able to enjoy it fully enough to write about it appropriately. Still, gives me a good excuse to have another round with it.


We also had a bit of animal food reviewing going on. Turning up on the doorstep, we were excited to think that our parents had taken on some chickens. Turns out someone else in the neighbourhood who has taken on chickens, and free range here means ranging onto my parents’ property and pecking all the seeds out of their garden. No photos of me herding the chickens around the garden to shoo them back to where they came from sorry.

Then there’s Whoopee. She’s the wild cat that was introduced to the family while I spent a year in Japan during high school. She’s pretty old and ornery now, but she loved tucking into this little vacuum pack of meat. She barely looked up long enough to growl me for taking photos of her. Unfortunately with the camera on the fritz I wasn’t able to capture any shots of her scooping meat out of the packet with her paw and licking it off her claws. So she got her own little Mother’s Day treat.

11 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Morsels

    1. I feel there’s always a place for fast food of various types. I prefer KFC’s burgers to their chicken pieces in general though, especially now that I can make my own skinless 13 herbs and spices chicken.

    1. No, strangely enough. She is a friend to larger birds like ducks and chickens, but a terror to smaller birds like sparrows. I guess she doesn’t like to pick on anyone her own size. She’s going on 17 years old now though, so she’s probably too old to really chase anything anymore anyway.

  1. This is such a nice post Mr P! My mother is in Canberra at the moment so we had an early Mother’s Day breakfast and walk last weekend before she left. I’m missing her now, seeing all these lovely Mother’s Day posts around the blogosphere! Sorry to hear about the prang into your parked car. The same thing happened to me at work a few weeks ago; I was spewing when I found the dent!!! Oh, and I need to try those dumplings, despite the surly service at Barilla. They look delicious!

    1. You were pranged and they took off without giving you their details?! That’s terrible.

      I’d love to tell you that the dumplings aren’t delicious, given the service, but I just can’t. Opinion was quite divided over which ones were the best though. Mama liked Prawn and Pork. Mrs P was partial to the Pork and Chives, Peckish Sr liked the chicken (I think because they were the only fried ones, the rest were steamed) and I really liked the beef and cumin (which had the most leftovers, yes!).

  2. Nice review post. I tried Barilla for the first time on Saturday. I feel like I’ve been missing out all these years. I would be so bold to claim, based on this sole experience that they do the best dumplings in Auckland. You’re right on the chaos though but it’s part of the authentic experience. We were just lucky that our party of 4 walked at the precise moment a party of 4 got up and walked out.

    For interesting beers, you should check out Kingsland Liquor next to Gull on New North Road. They have an awesome selection there of local and imported beer and very nicely priced.

  3. Peckish Brother thought it was important to point out that there was a chip served in the bucket of chicken. So here it is, a photo of a bucket of KFC with a chip served in it.

    LOL. I think PB and I would make great friends. Ahh man.

    I see the pot stickers have made their way to this post again! You are seriously the reason behind all my gyoza cravings this month, sir. And the Char Kway Teow…so jelly. I can’t wait to dig into some Msian food this August!!

    Whoopee? I have even more respect for whoever named her. Mad props, seriously.

  4. Your cat is smart! I would never pick anyone my size too, lol… The free range chix were meant to be your next KFC, no? hehehe… Glad to know you had a good time on Mother’s Day 😀

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