Kohu Road Mango Sorbet


I usually like to space out supplier reviews further than this. But Mrs P had an involuntary, sharp intake of breath when she exclaimed the existence of the Mango Sorbet at our local foodie ice cream outlet. I was eyeing either a berry fusion sorbet or a lemon curd ice cream, but Mrs P’s reaction to the Kohu Road sealed the deal.

It’s a deal that’s worked out well for me too. Be prepared for a sorbet experience that isn’t as light and airy as, say, the Black Doris Plum Sorbet from Joshua’s. Kohu Road has made a dense sorbet experience. Almost as if the sun’s rays that grew the mango have brought some of the gravity of the sun with them, drawing any and all flavour into a fruity singularity. What that does for me is bring out what I like in a good mango eating experience. I like mangos that are firm enough to hold up to a bit of sucking, but give way the second you want to bite, without any fibrous textures in between. The eating sensation here gets about as close to that as I imagine is possible in mango form, while also recalling what it’s like to bite into a good Jelly Tip at just the right temperature, except it’s natural mango goodness providing the flavour.


My biggest problem with this is that it tastes too good, and I’m far too inclined to convince myself I can have another bowl because mango sorbet will be better for me than ice cream (note this bowl comes after the second bowl I told myself I needed to really write this up properly, so that’s three bowls in one sitting).


Oh, and don’t let its looks put you off. Even without my less than amateur photography skills, to the naked eye this looked far more like pumpkin or swede sorbet than any sort of tropical delight.  That doesn’t detract from the flavour at all.

21 thoughts on “Kohu Road Mango Sorbet

  1. At least the boyfriend is coming over with juicy, sweet thai mangos or else I would have to sit infront of my laptop dreaming of this mango sorbet. Is Mrs. P also such a huge ice-cream/sorbet fan? Do you “fight” over it? I am more the sneaky type and hide ice-cream in the freezer as good as it can be hiden so I have most of it for myself 😀

    1. Mrs P likes her ice cream and sorbet, but far more a glutton for it than she is. Normally what happens is I’ll finish a tub just when she’s ready to have some. It’s really hard to save some for her, because I enjoy it so much.

  2. I totally get Mrs P’s reaction to seeing this… when I read your heading I had a very similar reaction accompanied by a noise that I couldn’t possibly describe if I tried! I love Mango anything! I am surprised you stopped at three bowls, I would’ve eaten the whole lot in one sitting!!! 😀

    1. haha, I don’t know if I could have survived all that Mango intensity, especially after all the food I ate over Mother’s Day weekend. Plus, I have a Maude Pinot Noir ice cream still to trial out this week.

  3. This looks so superb! I love mango ice creams. You know what, the other day I made a mango smoothie and it turned out a dodgy orangish colour, sort of the same shade as your last photo here (not that your last photo is bad, its ver appetizing for me!) and I’ve been debating if I should pulish it or not. Ok, we’ll see soon…. Guess what else? Here in Barcelona, even if supermarkets don’t sell interesting ice creams, but there are homemade ice cream shops coming into season, now that the nice weather is coming. Hopefully I may post a few ice cream flavours for you to see. Yay!

    1. If the smoothie tastes good, I want to see a recipe!

      Love the sound of homemade ice cream shops, can’t wait to see some delicious photos and be the one drooling with jealousy for a change.

  4. I’m usually more into the cream-based frozen treats but this is posing as quite the temptress! Imagine it swirled with a little vanilla ice-cream!

  5. Oh how I wish I could go back home and have some mangoes. They’re so very good when cold. In Puerto Rico, we have mango and coconut sorbet vendors who go around some neighborhoods on scooters with two coolers attached. It’s rather hilarious but oh, how I miss it.

    1. I love the idea of ice cream and sorbet vendors cruising the streets on scooters. Probably just as well we don’t have that here, I could get very fat very quickly if vendors were turning up on my doorstep with that sort of deliciousness.

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