Everybody Have Fun Tonight, Everybody Nam Tok Tonight


Phil Dunphy gets some mighty funny lines on Modern Family. One of my favourites is this one about life, lemons and lemonade. However, after another eleven hour day that has cut short my evening cooking time, I’ve decided a better use for lemons when life throws them at you, put them in your Nam Tok.

I recently tried larb at our favourite local Target Thai. I wasn’t as enamoured with it as the one I had at Wang Thong Thai Fusion, which had a salubrious sauciness that was far more to my liking than the still good but dry in comparison Target Thai version. The Nam Tok I had at Target tonight was a totally different story. Some might sniff and say limes are the better choice, but this combination of beef, cabbage, carrot and shallot with a hot and sour sauce absolutely embodies my idea of taking a day that’s turning into a lemon and transmuting that citrus into an exercise in joyful deliciousness. A generous garnishing of coriander, instead of an emphasis on mint, was a nice twist for me too.

Even better is the always generous helping that Target Thai provides, which means leftovers will provide some momentum going into work tomorrow, which threatens to be a repeat performance of today. Now what I need to do is start making this for myself. Even if I do, I think I’ll still be keen to come back for more of this, especially at $10.

(Mrs P and I have only one more day at work this week. We’ve got some nice plans for Friday and Saturday, which will hopefully lift this week’s blog material out of the doldrums, complete with a dinner at the place where I proposed to her. Stay tuned).

9 thoughts on “Everybody Have Fun Tonight, Everybody Nam Tok Tonight

  1. Looks delicious. I just had some Thai food in Sequim and the waiter/owner was so rude it became funny. The red curry was fantastic-all the food was- but HE was a pill. He even tried to overcharge us! A shame really, cuz the food was good, but we definitely won’t be going back.

    1. Ack. It takes a lot for me to really get upset with service, at least relative to how I see other people react, but when it’s so bad that it overtakes good food? That’s heart breaking. I can only hope that it’s because of an attitude that comes down from the top, because I hate the idea of good people in the kitchen suffering at the hands of poor work being done out front.

    1. Ah, you lucky thing. Mine was so good, that even after having leftovers this morning, I bought another batch tonight for dinner. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have one that my mother’s always made.

  2. Hahaha, I actually make myself a salad that looks like that every two weeks! But the dressing is fish sauce-sweet thai chili-lime juice-ponzu shoyu-ground sesame.

    OOoooh boy! Waiting for those posts with bated breath!

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