Pure New Zealand Ice Cream – Maude Pinot Noir


You’ve got to love the lack of hype in the Pure New Zealand Ice Cream packaging. There’s no marketing spiel on it, all they’re going to tell you is that it’s Maude Pinot Noir. Perhaps you were wondering about the deliciously rich, Big Bird strutting around in chains and rings like a platinum Mr T rich,  yolky French vanilla style flavour that is the pinot noir syrup’s steed in this ice cream. Well, you’d have to rummage through the ingredients on the back to find out that they’ve used Heilala vanilla (my go to whenever a recipe asks me for vanilla sugar) to bring that flavour up to a 24 carat level. If you have any curiosity about Maude Pinot Noir, you’ll have to take to Google to find Maude Wines and their Pinot Noir tasting notes.


If you’re like Paul Giamatti in Sideways, and breakdown a wine with “just like the faintest soupçon of like asparagus and just a flutter of a, like a, nutty Edam cheese” then you’ll be right at home with this ice cream. For those of us with lesser palates, the whispering swishes of pinot noir that marble through this ice cream might feel more like rumours and innuendo than any strong flavour that you can put a finger on. It was an enjoyable guessing game for me though. I felt like I had some secret society of cherry and plums passing coded messages of flavour to me through their vanilla intermediaries. Don’t discount how much you’ll enjoy the vanilla flavour if you like French Vanilla ice cream. For full disclosure, Mrs P wasn’t a huge fan. She loves Pure NZ’s Berry Fusion, Thai Coconut and Lime Gelato, but didn’t go for their Mascarpone, Date and Orange Ice Cream. Like the latter of those two, Maude probably isn’t a flavour that’s designed to please the masses, but if you like your ice cream a little different, and more capable of starting esoteric conversation, this is definitely worth a try.

I’d love to serve this with an apple crumble one day, but unfortunately it’s all gone now and I don’t know when I’ll be able to swing another tub when Mrs P isn’t watching.

For those who are curious about these things, I’ve finally checked the label, and this ice cream is gluten free.

26 thoughts on “Pure New Zealand Ice Cream – Maude Pinot Noir

  1. A “secret society of cherry and plums passing coded messages of flavour to me through their vanilla intermediaries” sounds wonderful!

  2. Yum!!! The flavour combination in this ice cream sounds amazing. I am a huge red wine fan so… well, this is pretty much my ice cream mecca. I don’t think we can get that particular brand here in West Australia though. I’ll have to look out for it. Oh, and Sideways… I loved that movie. I think I need to re-rent it for a refresher 😉

    1. Alas, they barely have a presence in Auckland (Farro Fresh in Grey Lynn, Mt Wellington, and Mairangi Bay for those wondering) and the rest of the north island, let alone across the Tasman. Hopefully there will be a few more people like me who pig out on it enough to the point where they can make a push overseas.

      1. Agreed. Hm, maybe I can just write them lots of strongly worded letters so they’ll open a shop down the road from me. Or maybe not 😉 Either way, hopefully their quality will be the key to their success and expansion. I love supporting smaller producers that make fantastic goods.

  3. I normally always fall for wine flavored desserts when searching for new stuff in the supermarket, only to discover that they all don’t really make me think of wine. Will probably stick to pure French vanilla in this case.

      1. I already ate yoghurt with white wine flavour (didn’t find that in NZ though > Germany) and Mousse au Chocolat with Port Wine (France). Sorry! Not in the supermarket but self-made: fig in red wine sauce with ice cream. Just recently saw figs on the French Market in Parnell and thought of it. Maybe you’re right and it’s a new trend in NZ to also use wine in dessert and not only different kind of liquor (like in pralines and cakes for example).

      1. I should either be in New York or Paris for Christmas so I’m a little excited to see my Christmas post too! 🙂

  4. That sounds so good. I still like the idea of laprohajerk( autocorrect I had to leave it, right?) laphroaig and chocolate though. Maybe I can just pour some pinot noir over some vanilla ice cream? Maybe. Not. My taste buds are all $%#@ ed UP! Everything is tasting sort of odd. My current addiction is Ben and Jerry – any flavour. In fact, any ice cream. And rhubarb. sigh…I made chicken fried steak and it tasted terrible. I make great chicken fried steak. I did it exactly as usual and it was bleh. I’d have been better off with ice cream and rhubarb.

    1. HAHA! laprohajerk?! I just typed that into Google and it asked me if I meant laphroaig. Sometimes I wonder if they have a monkey typing the odd bit of code into the spelling correction on some software. The other day I got an auto correction, then the spell checker underlined it in disapproving teacher red like I was the one who put the poor spelling there.

      Sorry to hear you’ve lost your tastebuds. That sucks. I’ve had the misfortune of having my tastebuds go to the point where nothing satisfies. It has to be one of the most frustrating lack of sensations in the world.

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