Giapo Gelato Extravaganza


There is nothing about a busy Friday, or inclement weather, or a belly full of Yum Char that will keep me away from Giapo when I’m in town. In fact, when I’m in the mood, I’ll happily go in for four scoops, especially when I spy a customer after me getting two scoops of sorbet topped off with a massive cloud of candy floss/cotton candy. Giapo is definitely taking their gelato game to a new level, even as their benches outside become a kind of de facto bus shelter when the weather gets wet.


On this particular day I had crème anglaise and hokey pokey (with the honeycomb soft crumbly hokey rather than the rock hard baubles that either shatter all over the place or get stuck in your cavities) topped with mini profiteroles held together by caramel and dusted with cinnamon. Then, after looking jealously upon the candy floss, I went the extra mile for you viewers at home and got kiwifruit and coconut sorbet. The kiwifruit had those almost banana overtones you get sometimes from really ripe kiwifruit, and the coconut was amazing. A coconut’s natural creaminess will mean that a sorbet will have a character that walks a line between sorbet and something more akin to gelato. Quite an interesting experience. I’m not sure that the candy floss was a great match for the kiwifruit (the other natural pairing is wild berry according to the lady who served me, although she said if you asked nicely she could be persuaded to supply it with a flavour of your choice), but I couldn’t care less for enjoying the sheer ridiculousness of it all.




I think Mrs P’s choices were the pick of the day though. Cocoa sorbet had a wonderfully pure flavour, and the wild berry was a perfect summer pick me up on a cloudy day.



I can’t recommend this place enough, just for the way it is pushing flavours and the way we experience gelato, relative to a lot of other vendors around Auckland.


25 thoughts on “Giapo Gelato Extravaganza

    1. My belly is definitely showing the effects after this weekend, but I couldn’t let the candy floss pass me by. Diet definitely has to get going this week, after I make some cookies today.

  1. Wow so much envy! The ice-cream shops here would max. top of ice-cream with whipped cream and here you are, getting profiterole (plus other extras) and a huuuge cloud of cotton candy with your ice-cream/sorbet! The cocoa sorbet with orange zest just looks perfect, I love this combo!

    1. Yes, I thought the orange zest was a great touch, but Mrs P isn’t a big fan of anything approaching a Jaffa flavour. She’s not a big fan of the texture of candy floss either. Never mind, more for me! 😉

  2. Oh my God they look awesome! Cannot believe all the options you have available and have no idea how you managed two lots but understand why you’d not only want to but have to! 🙂

    1. I usually have space left in me for some more, but leave it out of some sense of propriety. That day I just couldn’t, it’s the kind of thing my ice cream reserves are designed for.

      1. Yeah! Actually, my friend and I were planning to visit NZ in the beginning of 2014. However, I’m not be able to follow that plan so we hope that we can go there in 2015. It’s better as we will have more time to save money!

  3. Oh wow, yes to your choice of title: extravaganza! Thank you for your trouble to show us the one with the candy floss… Mrs P has excellent taste: a combination of choco and berry flavour is what I usually go for 🙂

  4. what interesting combo! never had candy floss (we called it cotton candy here) with gelato or ice cream. and my, 4 scoops? you’re my man 😉

  5. Wow, I was there on Friday and got the cocoa sorbet too!! I agree, that place is one of the gems of Auckland. They are so generous with their scoops and toppings (your toppings were LOADED o__o). Their new renovation has also taken it up to a new level don’t you think?

    1. Wow, what time did you go? We went right after my lecture at 12:00. Yes, I think the renovation has made it a better place to eat. I enjoy it a lot more there now (I think they’ve got the indoor heating issue worked out as well, I used to find it way too hot inside). I was caught by surprise the first time I went after the renovation. I thought Giapo had packed up and gone for a second.

  6. HOW DID I MISS THIS! My brain can’t even process these pictures. I feel you are on your way to rivaling Messina. Creme anglaise? Oh my word! Those proportions are idyllic.

  7. Tiramisu and salty caramel in a take-home pack; bought during one of yesterday’s downpours, gingerly carried back to the car (thank you to the man in Victoria St carpark who held the container upright for me while I paid for my parking) and eaten in front of the telly last night with my son. Heaven!

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