Whittaker’s Cornflake Chocolate – Cookie Recipe as Simile


I’ve wanted to write about this chocolate for a long time. In fact, it’s a bit like the wait I had when Whittaker’s first announced this chocolate. I checked the supermarkets to no avail for several weeks while searching for the anticipated comeback chocolate flavour. Similarly, after I tried the chocolate and thought to write about it, it recalled to mind a cookie from my youth. I checked the internet for quite a while looking for a recipe that looked right to no avail (now that I put this one here no doubt someone will find the same one right away).


As is often the case in matters of food, a consultation with Mama Peckish showed the way. A rummage in a back room closet brought out a scrapbook of faded recipes, including “Kakahu Rd Biscuits”, an old recipe from Annabel Langbein. It’s a great recipe, that recalls a Griffin’s Krispie, if you know what one of those are.



How does this relate to Whittaker’s Cornflake chocolate? The flavour brings to mind a chocolate coated Krispie, but in reverse. When making these little delights and they call for small balls to be rolled, think small like slightly smaller than a golf ball, because these will spread in the oven, and will stay nice and softly chewy in the middle, so a small ball will allow for more crispy crunch around the edge.


Serve with milk and a heavy dose of nostalgia.


17 thoughts on “Whittaker’s Cornflake Chocolate – Cookie Recipe as Simile

  1. Yum! Anything with cornflakes is good. I’ve been trying to make cookies with ‘healthy’ ingredients and I have to say…nah. Just remember to eat one and make them with real sugar and chocolate.
    It’s the only way. I think I have the ingredients too!

  2. Cornflake cookies! Yes! I’m loving the small amount of condensed milk – I mean once the tin is open it would be rude not to finish it. I trust that your hand is intact after this baking session?

    1. It’s a very apt description, Mrs P has never had them before, and even she seems surprised at how delicious they are. Just tonight she was halfway through one, regarding it with a puzzled look exclaiming “This is really good!”

    1. They are only available in the little slab bags as far as I’m aware, they used to be available in a full block, along with the rice bubble block, which was also delicious, I hope that one makes a comeback at some stage too.

  3. I remember Krispies from when I was a kid, and it’s been years since I had one. Gotta put it on the shopping list next trip to New Zealand 🙂
    These biscuits look delicious!

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