Your Cat Wishes Your Stationery Was This Comfy

We bid farewell to the restaurant where I proposed to Mrs P in the weekend just gone. I was looking forward to doing a post on it, but my camera decided to throw a fit and most of the photos from that night are useless. As is often consolation here and in general when things don’t go to plan in the Peckish household, enjoy a kitty.



16 thoughts on “Your Cat Wishes Your Stationery Was This Comfy

  1. Today’s kitty photos are so funny! Thanks for posting them. oh no with your camera. At least you will have kept the memories in your hearts.

      1. So its not like the battery ran out or something? My camera isn’t great either. Its dear to me only because my mum gave it to me as a present… years ago when digital cameras were just coming out. So the main problem is that you press click, then the photo is made about 10 seconds later (during which I try to keep still and not breathe… great excercise hehe). And when the lighting is bad everything is blurry etc. I also really need to save up for a better camera.

    1. This one’s brother has been getting quite brazen lately, he nipped a cookie off the bench top as it was cooling down last night. He burrowed into a plastic bag that had a muffin in it this afternoon too.

  2. Pedro seems to be saying, “If I stare at you long enough I will hypnotize you into getting me my favorite pillow. Look more deeply into my eyes. Yeshhhhhh.”

  3. I love Pedro. I can hear my sister in the other room trying to talk Mr Jones off of her sweing project. Why do they like to be RIGHT in the middle of everything? So not a peaceful place to sleep.

  4. I love the story about his brother – reminds me of when our cat discovered onion bhaji’s (that we had found far too spicy!) and refused to let go, running out into the garden and staring insolently at us whilst eating onion bhaji’s! Your cat in the picture is very cute 🙂

  5. Glad you had a lovely evening with Mrs P. Shame about the camera but at least you have the memories. Pedro’s so cute! Mutley once climbed onto my lap and curled up on me just like a cat, except she covered half of my body not just my lap! Daft Mutt! 🙂

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