Oob Organic Blueberry Ice Cream

20130521_174034Blueberries just don’t get the same respect as other berries do around my way. When it comes to fresh, preserved, and jellied, the kudos falls to the likes of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and boysenberries. Given how good they are to you nutritionally, seems a little unfair that they’re the low men on the berry totem pole. So, when I saw Oob Organic Blueberry ice cream at the supermarket, I decided to put it ahead of some of my usual preferences for chocolate and/or caramel in ice cream.


The first run through at home wasn’t glowing. Mrs P tried some, crinkled her nose and said “It’s alright.” It’s alright usually signals indictment rather than endorsement where Mrs P is concerned. Certainly, the flavour is understated, like some dry British humour can be, particularly when the ice cream is consumed on its own. Personally, the reticent creaminess and tart flavours worked well enough, but I was determined to make Mrs P see the charms that I was sure the ice cream could reveal.


So I made some pancakes. They were small yoghurt ones from here. With a little spritz of lemon, the ice cream went up a Simon Pegg or two to something far more forthright and able to command the stage, even with other actors playing their parts around it. I’ve always felt like ice cream was a natural match for pancakes, and this flavour feels like one of the best ice creams to play matchmaker with. If you feel like cutting out the whipped cream and blueberry middle men and adding the allure of ice cream to the whole deal, I can’t think of any ice cream better. Even Mrs P was convinced.

18 thoughts on “Oob Organic Blueberry Ice Cream

  1. The combination of the blueberry ice cream and pancake has invaded my mind and I will not rest until I have some. I agree that blueberries don’t get the respect they deserve. I love blueberry ice cream! It is really one of the tastiest flavors.

  2. The design of the packaging is also quite funky.. I don’t know how understated the flavour really was but the colour of the ice cream in your last photo is amazing!

  3. Clever you to pair with lemon pancakes. I might suggest trying with a lemon-poopyseed pound cake, or, intensify the blueberry with a fresh blueberry lemon sauce. Citrus adds the acid edge needed.

  4. Kiwi! Great to see you back at foodforfun for Happy Hour. Thanks for the visit. Love any post about ice cream–just made a batch today (vanilla, though blueberry sounds worth trying) and will write up eventually. Mrs. P and Mr. G (that would be my husband) sound like they maybe have similar taste, at least in not always agreeing with our own palates..

    1. Ooh, looking forward to a homemade ice cream post. I really need to get onto acquiring an ice cream machine, alas, I think that shall have to wait until after I’ve got myself a new camera.

      Yes, while both Mrs P and I have been able to grow in our tastes thanks to our relationship, there are still some immovable flavour rocks. C’est l’amour, no?

    1. Yes, I agree, and since I can’t just buy Giapo’s pancake ice cream from the local supermarket, this will just have to do. Ice cream and pancakes are definitely a combo together that rises beyond the sum of its parts.

    1. There’s aren’t a great many establishments that offer waffles for breakfast or brunch, even fewer who offer ice cream along with breakfast or brunch, and I think I wants my waffle fast broken with a waffle ice cream combo.

  5. I”m more a vanilla/caramel/Messina sort of ice-cream enthusiast. But paired with pancakes is a whole other ball game.

    1. Yeah, I think on its own there wasn’t anything that was going to make me reconsider my ice cream predilections, but with pancakes… well I think it came close to turning Mrs P around on blueberries, and definitely turned her around on pancakes. Quite a coup.

  6. Ah, I love Simon Pegg. So freaking awesome, especially in combination with Nick Frost (thinking Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul… genius!). This ice-cream sounds lovely. I adore blueberries. In combination with the lemony pancakes… delicious!! I can’t get over the name of this stuff though… Oob. Reminds me of being in primary school and turning our calculators upside down (did you ever do that? Haha. So immature. But funny!)

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