le pirate’s Apple Yogurt Tea Cake – Live and Direct


It’s just been made. The kitchen has filled with the smell of sweet nostalgia and Grandma Peckish’s house on a Sunday afternoon. I’d remade a chicken soup as well at Mrs P’s request, but the first thing to pass my lips today was a slice of this long awaited Apple Yogurt Tea Cake from le pirate. I’d been planning to make this for a while, but lacked the apples and macadamia nut oil to do so. Fortunately we were provided some huge, delicious Hawkes Bay apples courtesy of the Pekings, and a trip to Farro Fresh this morning for new ice cream also saw me come across some macadamia nut oil. After having a few disappointments on the food front this week, I was determined to have a win that I could post straight away onto the blog.

There’s something so dignified, so golden age about this cake, augmented by the Dean Martin I had playing to herald its emerging from the oven. As I bite into it I’m filled with recollections of stories about people with names like Mabel and Dale, and older folk referring to people as joker when they don’t know their names. Simple, sweet, and soul warming, and oh so good with a cup of tea (or, if you’re a fiend like me and can’t help yourself, Joshua’s Butterscotch Fudge Ice Cream).


This is a really easy batter to put together. If I had my time again, I would have mixed the ingredients a little less, cooked it for a little less, but perhaps added a few more apple slices to the top. Our oven’s temperature knob is a little on the vague side, and I cooked the cake in a fan forced oven, when perhaps a simple baking setting would do. So if you have a go make sure you pay attention to those aspects of the recipe, and pay them a little more heed than I did. You’ll be rewarded by something even more delicious than I’m enjoying right now.


26 thoughts on “le pirate’s Apple Yogurt Tea Cake – Live and Direct

    1. Wow that looks good. I think I even have that cookbook chilling somewhere, must dig it out and give that a go someday.

      Managing the ice cream intake has been a bit of a challenge, especially since the cooking schedule went off the rails recently. When I’m in a routine, especially during the work week, I find it easy to watch my calories and still indulge in a bit of ice cream at the end of the day.

  1. Apples are amazing at the moment. I can sympathise with a vague oven. I bought a oven thermometer when I suspected that my oven was playing tricks on me. 100°C off course. So for now, I’ll be gazing longingly at baked goods.

    1. Woah, that’s an incredible temperature discrepancy. When we were first using our oven it would decide it was too hot and shut off at about 200°C, although not consistently. That was a huge frustration, luckily F&P were able to fix the issue pretty quickly.

  2. Lovely, lovely post (Joshua’s Butterscotch Ice Cream fied. HA!) Here’s a toast to old recipes, Grandma P, Mabel and Dale. Which Dean Martin song?

  3. This looks amazing Mr P. You definitely did Sam’s recipe justice! I love apple teacakes. I know what you mean about the ‘bygone era’ thing. My mother gave me a cookbook recently that has a very similar recipe to this in it… it was published in 1984. I love tried and true recipes that make you feel warm and nostalgic. I need to try this one also! Thanks to you… and thanks to Sam aka le Pirate!! 🙂

    1. Yes! Nothing like rooting through old cookbooks and reviving the taste of youth. Baking works especially well for that with me.

      I managed to get my hands on an old Chinese cookbook a couple of years ago, come to find out almost all the recipes asked you to put MSG in them. Had to chuckle.

      1. Agreed, baking is beautifully nostalgic, both in methods and flavour 🙂
        And… argh, MSG in every recipe?! I haven’t seen any old Chinese cookbooks but I do remember when I was younger and MSG was acceptable in Chinese restaurants. Terrible. Glad we’ve moved on to healthier standards!

  4. So exciting! Thank you for the rave review, I’m going to get the biggest head on me. Your cake looks lovely – I love the little apple rose pattern in the middle. Haha and “Dale” is my cooked fruit hating lovers name. PS – Your crackly top is magnificent!

      1. Hahaha no no don’t be. He’s decided he one day wants a son named Charles if thats any indication of his old fashioned tendencies! Oh this post just reminded me that I really do need to venture beyond my desk and back into the kitchen

  5. Ahhh, a fellow Dean Martin fan. I have two brothers named Dean and Martin so maybe it’s natural to love Dean Martin. I made a coconut mango upside down cake (okay it was my sister BUT I got the recipe) it was really tasty. I thought the nephews wouldn’t like it because it wasn’t made with chocolate or vanilla (kids!) so I brought a strawberry shortcake over for them, they LOVED the upside down cake. I am definitely making this. Still love le Pirates white chocolate lemon cake.

    1. The white chocolate lemon cake is amazing. It’s so hard to go past that one, I don’t know if any cake of hers will be as beloved for me as that one, for my love of white chocolate and lemon, and also the ease with which the whole thing comes together.

      The coconut mango upside down cake sounds amazing, I hope there are some photos somewhere that might make an appearance on the blog at some stage.

  6. ” As I bite into it I’m filled with recollections of stories about people with names like Mabel and Dale, and older folk referring to people as joker when they don’t know their names. ” Wonderfully written! I have a very vivid picture of how this cake tastes, with it’s rustic charm and countryside love

  7. I can’t believe I missed this post because of SCHOOL! grumble grumble.

    That cake looks FINE! I literally whistled when I saw the cake slice.

    And oh, if we could only bottle up the smell of our babcia’s kitchens and snort a few hits every time we’re feeling blue or in need of some de-stressing.

    Joshua’s Butterscotch Fudge Ice Cream.

    Bring me a spoon would you? 🙂

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