SEG Way Crispy Chewy Earl Grey White Chocolate Chunk Cookies


I’m posting hot off the presses again. We’ve moved to an adjusted work schedule in the Peckish household, which has messed with the cooking schedule somewhat, resulting in the posting lull of these past couple of days. This is also why I find myself baking cookies/biscuits on a Thursday night instead of the weekend like I normally would. I’m thinking of sending a portion of this cookie batch in my stead to a get together I’m likely to miss this weekend. What better way to say I’m sorry I can’t be there than cookies (since ice cream wouldn’t be as practical)?

Once again I find myself going back to Sassy Earl Grey to bake my way through the Twinings Earl Grey tea box I have sitting in the pantry with no willing drinkers. Speaking of tea, this cookie feels like a private little high tea, just for me. I get my sweet, my chewy, and my crunchy fix all with the flavour of my own freshly prepared cuppa.

In fact, the whole eating experience is a bit like sitting down to tea with my old classics teacher from high school. He was an amazing teacher; knew so much about Latin, ancient Roman and Greek society, but could illustrate his examples with quotes from The Simpsons or one of that week’s new release movies. He had a haircut that was a fusion of Mozart, Einstein, and Krusty the Clown. Seemingly hard and crunchy on the outside, when you got to know him you found a much softer centre.


That’s what I found in these cookies, a reassuringly familiar taste of the past, but put together in a fresh and hip new way. When done right, they are crunchy on the edge, soft and chewy in the middle, with funky deliciousness the whole way through.

Serves excellently with a glass of milk of course, but if you stay tuned, I’ll tell you how it goes with this Joshua’s Lemon Curd Ice Cream I have sitting in the freezer awaiting review.

16 thoughts on “SEG Way Crispy Chewy Earl Grey White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

  1. These look yummy! I’ve recently become slightly obsessed with afghan cookies. I would love to see a recipe for them so I can try making them back in the States!

  2. wow–that’s impressive. Using bread flour and all-purpose intrigues me–makes for that crusty outside/soft inside thing you describe? Also love the tea and white chocolate combo. These ain’t your grandma’s chocolate chip cookies! (not referring to your grandma in particular–haha) Thinking these would go well as end-of-year gifts for my daughter’s teachers as they’re just a bit different. And so elegant. Thanks for sharing your Sassy Earl Grey find 🙂

      1. The cookies are GONE! Admittedly, most went to teachers (who were all very appreciative and more than one told me they had devoured their bag during the day–teaching is a tough gig for sure), but I took care of the rest. They were Perfect–crunchy but soft, sweet but salty, rich but light. Will put them up on my deLiz page eventually. What’s your thought on other teas working? Earl grey has such a lovely fragrance, but there have to be others that would be fun. I sense another “project” coming on….

  3. PK – these definitely look like they trump the gluten free ‘biscuits’ I made last night to eat with our chook soup… (sigh) and LEMON CURD ice cream. Seriously? – What a combo!

  4. Afghan cookie? Now I’m curious. Earl Grey is too aggressively floral for me to drink. Does the baking soften it?


    They look fantastic!! Love that you paired it with the lemon curd ice cream. In fact, why didn’t I think of that?!?! (oh, wait, we don’t have that kind of ice cream here).

    Agreed, that last shot is drool inducing.

    What’s an Afghan cookie everyone’s talking about? *blink blink*

    1. Stay tuned to the blog and find out! (About the Afghan Cookie). 😉

      Thanks for the recipe, Mama Peckish is a fan, Mrs P liked them too, but we didn’t keep many, both for the sake of our waistline and my second cousin from the states, who I probably won’t get a chance to catch up with this week.

  6. SEG you talented lady! Of course Anjo pulls out the show stoppers – these look all sorts of spectacular. And with that lemon curd? This is cruel. I’d sell my soul for one of these right now!

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