Joshua’s Lemon Curd Ice Cream


There’s a part in the movie Little Nicky where Adam Sandler’s trying-to-be-a-good-little-evil-son-of-the-Prince-of-Darkness character tries to show his nefarious chops by changing the contents of a can of coke into Pepsi. Seems like a lame trick on the surface, unless you’re really serious about your cola. Perhaps someone at Joshua’s magic factory was watching this clip and decided that they’d play angel, but instead of cola work on changing one of my favourite spreads into ice cream.


This is amazing, I’ve already had some on toast, and I’ve got this Jamie Oliver recipe for quick mini cheesecakes (gingernut, hazelnut, dark chocolate, lemon zest and butter base, lemon curd and fresh raspberry middle, mascarpone, icing sugar and vanilla topping sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings) that I definitely want to try with this in the mix next time. I almost feel sorry for real lemon curd, it would be like a dictator waking up one morning to find out one of his body doubles is not just running the country now, they’re doing a better job and more popular for it. Sure this dictator is a bit fruity, with a tart, acerbic wit up front, but the mellow sweetness that is their follow through provides an irresistible combination that ensures that they rule all with a creamy fist.


Serve when you want to orchestrate a bloodless lemon curd coup, and want the masses to feel like nothing has changed, except for ice cream. If that doesn’t placate the mob, I don’t know what will.



17 thoughts on “Joshua’s Lemon Curd Ice Cream

  1. Love lemon curd… at this rate I think you might have your first overseas person (from the blogsphere anyway) looking to move to NZ just for the ice cream!!! Didn’t it make your toast soggy though?! 🙂

  2. I dont think it had ever occurred to me to spread ice cream on toast, quite a brilliant idea! I love lemon curd, so this must be just as great as you say.

    1. They’re a pretty small outfit at the moment, I imagine it will take a while before they move overseas. A few years ago it was unbranded 5 litre tubs at a little store in St Heliers, hopefully they’re moving onto Australasian domination in due time.

  3. If your last shot of ice cream on toast wasn’t already heart stopping enough, the sentence “mini cheesecakes (gingernut, hazelnut, dark chocolate, lemon zest and butter base, lemon curd and fresh raspberry middle, mascarpone, icing sugar and vanilla topping sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings)” really did me in.


    I’d really like a scoop please. Good to know the ice cream supply in your household hasn’t dwindled due the looming winter.

    P.S. HI. I’M FINALLY DONE, as of 17 hours ago. FINALLY. 😀

    1. Yeah, winter doesn’t stop ice cream in this household. We’ve already had a couple of unseasonably cold blasts, and I think I just got hungrier for ice cream.

      And yay for being done! Hope it all went according to plan. I sadly have another 18 days to go before I get any sort of reprieve, but then its SEG Way pastry and pizza dough time! 😀

  4. OHHH STOP IT! Stop it once and for all with your Kiwi-exclusive dairy treats! (But don’t stop)

    I’m with you Peckish I still have three weeks left of living hell, where my brain needs to produce something unsavoury like 7000 words worth of essays . Are you just exams or assignments too?

  5. You put ice cream on toast! I did that once a few years back and was almost a little bit ashamed as it seemed so odd. But it really does make sense–and I thank you for confirming my suspicions. This Joshua’s seems a gold mine of awesome ice cream flavors.

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