Much Moore Awesome Chocolate Cookies & Fudge


Does this do what it says on the tin? Do you get more awesome? If you’ve never quite let go of your inner eight year old this has the essence of dense, chocolaty, childhood delight. When I was young, the best ice cream was all about the bits you got inside. Usually, it was just one variety of bit. Maybe they came in different colours like Goody Goody Gum Drops but usually it was some kind of chunk, or cookie, or ripple. Here you get cookie, *and* glorious pieces of fudge.


Let it soften for a spell in the fridge, and you can tuck in to a culinary reimaging of what it’s like to play in wet mud as a kid. You can make all the mud pies you like, and eat to your heart’s content, with crumbly fudge to replace the small stones in the soil that would instantly chip your teeth if you partook in the real thing (better to let them slowly decay with the sugar).


This stuff is a serious weakness of mine. Two litres has barely survived the week. My ability to portion control completely goes out the window when this is in the fridge. If I was a target for assassination, my assailant wouldn’t have to do anything more complicated than ensure that this was constantly in the fridge. In fact, one of the reasons this has taken so long to make an appearance on the blog is what it does to me when it’s in arm’s reach. The part of my brain that is still a child and doesn’t have any concept of nutrition and consequences is completely defenceless before this tub’s obvious, but simple and effective charms.

Serve in big scoops and tuck in too quickly until you get brain freeze and a tummy ache.

9 thoughts on “Much Moore Awesome Chocolate Cookies & Fudge

  1. If I had that in my freezer and no one watching over me/controlling me, my non-nutritional thinking devil would make me eat the whole 2L in pretty little amount of days too.

  2. “Portion control” when it comes to ice cream? I’m sorry, I don’t understand this concept. What language were you speaking just now? 😉

  3. If I ate the amount of ice cream and other delights that you seem to I would be the size of a house! 😦 Are you one of those annoyingly lucky people who can eat what they what and not gain a pound?

  4. I know I know what you say about portion control=out the window. I just did in a tub of Chocolate Ripple left over from my 12 yr old nephews b-day party. That and the White Chocolate Raspberry Ripple. Darn it…I thought by buying 3 kinds…OH….did Iforget t mention the orange sherbet?

  5. lol… loved the way you wrote this piece. i used to eat a pint of ice cream daily for 2 years (2009-2010). only eat them once in a while now or i would have become the world’s heaviest woman. i envy all your ice cream/sorbet post… pure indulgence 😀

  6. so much chocolate! we all have our food that makes us “completely defenceless” before its “obvious, but simple and effective charms.” Nicely put 🙂

  7. Good lord, this is amazing ice cream. For me it surpassed Deep South’s Chocolate and that was a major achievement… those invercargill people know how to make ice cream.


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