Whangateau Community Earth Oven – Special Request


Very simply, this is a request for you to like a page for a very lovely lady on facebook.


Less simply, this initiative does work quite well with the general food theme of the blog. The lady in question has been my lecturer for tax this past semester, and as far as tax lecturers go, is about as interesting as they get. She has something like five university degrees, and several businesses and initiatives on the go. Today, at the end of a three hour revision workshop that she wasn’t under any obligation to provide (lectures finished last week), she let us know about a community earth oven that she’s trying to get organised on a community farm. They’re trying to do all sorts of cool things on the property like organic farming and a live in language school for foreign students.

They’re unfortunately having trouble with the oven, because the French guy they’ve brought over to help out with the project is having visa trouble. She’d like to get as many likes as possible to get public awareness to move her project forward. Trust me when I say she’s a really neat lady (so neat that when Mrs P snuck into a class with me, even she was impressed with how engaging she was on the subject of tax) and considering all she’s given to the students in our course, let alone what she tries to give back to the community, a couple of likes seems like a small thing to ask.

If you feel so moved, please like too.

For more information on the Caretaker Farm, please see http://www.caretakerfarm.co.nz/. (Please note it’s only possible to “like” on the first link).

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