Matariki Feast With Peter Gordon


Matariki is Maori New Year, something that we strangely don’t get into much as a nation. The past few years Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre has put on charity dinners to coincide with the event and also fundraise for the work they do with special needs kids and adults. Unfortunately for Mrs P and me, the event has often taken place when we celebrate our engagement anniversary (coming up on the 27th, but due to work commitments we won’t be able to celebrate properly until early July when we take a week off work). This Maori new year the stars finally aligned and we were able to enjoy some gourmet, but still traditional, kai (food).

Billed as a feast, the evening definitely delivered, along with some fantastic music, and a very moving personal story from a family who shared their child’s story of being diagnosed with cerebral palsy and progress through music therapy. Accompanied with video showing their child at their tenth and then twentieth session, we were painted a remarkable picture by a charming little girl who has clearly flourished in her ability to express herself with the therapy that the centre offers.

I’m sadly still not on top of my game, fatigue meant that I wasn’t able to savour food like I’m used to for the purpose of a write up, I hope the photos speak for themselves. There’s a pumpkin and horopito dip, amazing fried bread, gurnard sashimi topped with toasted seaweed, smoked trout stuffed with kawakawa, smoked eel, venison stew with cinnamon, curry leaves and cocoa nibs, roasted cauliflower with mint and pea. Oh, and to finish it off, amazing chocolate brownie with baked tamarillo and citrus parfait.

11 thoughts on “Matariki Feast With Peter Gordon

  1. Is engagement anniversary same as wedding anniversary? happy anniversary in advance! Looks like you had a great feast and entertainment there 😀

    1. No, we celebrate when we got engaged, when we got married, and when we first became a couple. We don’t do Valentines Day though. But this way we have three dates scattered through the year that we can out to appreciate how we’ve got to the happiness we have now.

  2. A little – maybe a lot late in coming – but just the fact that none of the food listed makes sense to me tells me that its something good and classy, most likely wasted on the Duck.

    Dropping by for a quick Quack, re-read some old posts and was rather thankful all over again (‘: Have you been posting lately or have I just been missing out somehow?

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