Bacon and Hokey Pokey Ice Cream


If you’re able, you’ve got to try this flavour, even if it’s just to say you’ve tried it. You get delicious gelato, large moon rock chunks of hokey pokey (including a large piece of hokey pokey dipped in chocolate and perched on top) and thin strips of smoky bacon with white chocolate. The idea shouldn’t really be a revelation to anyone who has had some mixture of bacon and maple syrup with perhaps some banana with pancakes or waffles. Why not have some smoky bacon with the sweetness of your ice cream or gelato?

In the interests of full disclosure, don’t expect full boar flavour to smack you across your lips. Giapo are wisely easing punters into the flavour, the strips are thin and the flavour can be very subtle. Expect any more and you might find yourself staring off into the camera like a cross between Ron Burgundy and Porky Pig, questioning “Th-th-th-th-th-th-th that’s all folks…?” This is one of the flavours that helped to tide me over during the long hours of study. While it won’t change your life or memorise tax case principles for you, it’s definitely what they were talking about when they said variety is the spice of life (whoever they were).

19 thoughts on “Bacon and Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

  1. Hi and welcome back Mr Peckish. I had to do a double take when I saw the name of this ice cream – becuase of the bacon part, not the hokey pokey part haha. It sounds pretty interesting! Hope your exams turned out fine.

  2. Definitely would try it! Eating bacon with maple sirup (and pancakes) is one of the weirdest things in Europe but I tried it once and agree that the combination is great. The ice-cream looks amazing, not sure if the chocolate fits though 😀

  3. As an American, am well versed in the bacon + anything trend, but the hokey pokey part? That’s new! First heard of it just last night from a friend who recently traveled to Australia. Sounds divine. You are my ice-cream hero, Mr. P!

    p.s. All sorts of bonus points for the Ron B reference 🙂

  4. Well, if its not going to memorise tax case principles….I ate a maple bacon bar (the doughnut, not the furniture) and I couldn’t taste the bacon at all. Same thing seems to be the case whenever bacon competes with sweets. I’ll take my bacon on the side and if I ever had a chance to try that ice cream? I would…looks delish!

  5. I don’t know how I feel about this! Bacon and pancakes and syrup with ice-cream is my idea of paradise, but I can’t bring myself to embrace it in ice-cream already

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