Papaya Pieces’ Chicken Tofu Burger – Redemption


Our most recent endowments from the burger gods have felt less like blessings and more like wrath dressed up as moving in mysterious ways. When no-one else is doing it properly, it’s time to try doing it yourself. This recipe from Sofia over at Papaya Pieces has been calling out to me since day one. Promise me a juicier, more tender burger and the prospect will sweetly torture me until my curiosity is satisfied.


In making these, I discovered that there are actually three things that people shouldn’t watch being made: laws, sausages and these burgers. Watching the raw chicken come together with the soft tofu and egg wasn’t exactly a feast for the eyes, so there aren’t the usual action shots to accompany this post. Still, did these burgers go with buns as well as they did with Sofia’s noodles?


Delicious. I did use too much tofu though. The recipe called for a ratio of about 2:1 of chicken to tofu, while I had 580g of tofu to go with 800g of chicken. The resultant mixture was a bit on the thin side, which I had to ladle into  the pan like pancakes in hopes that they would hold together in a similar fashion. Once a burger bun goes Pac-Man on one of these patty power pellets, it takes on the ability to devour the ghosts of bad burgers past. Even with just a simple accompaniment of butter, lettuce, cheese, Mama Peckish tomato sauce, and kewpie mayonnaise, I found myself wondering why I would ever consider paying someone else to make me a chicken burger ever again.

Do yourself a favour if you’re ever short on time, and spend the minutes you would otherwise lose in a drive through mixing up some of these babies. Even better, make double the recipe so you’ve got some on hand for the following night too.


Serve with a beer served like it ought to be, in a glass, not out of a bottle, even better if you’ve just got some of these classy jobs gifted to you by Peckish Sr.

5 thoughts on “Papaya Pieces’ Chicken Tofu Burger – Redemption

  1. Intriguing! Tapioca flour in a burger? Having recently found our meat grinder (lost in a basement closet corner for two years 😦 ), my husband and I have been dreaming chicken burgers. Now we have a new recipe. Thanks!

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