Joshua’s Lemon and Lime Sorbet


Winter is in full swing. We’ve suffered some terrible cold, and the country overall has endured weather that has challenged or bested the record books in ferocity. None of that has cooled my desire for frozen treats though. In trying to bring the blog back to regular transmission I have indulged in several kinds in the past week. Unfortunately, while the photos may whet the desire of those who would enjoy strawberry or boysenberry sorbet, the scoopers at Village Co-Op have advised me that the lemon lime sorbet doesn’t play well when it has top billing in their cups. So feast your eyes on the berry sorbets, and let me regale you of tales of what lies beneath.


For those of you who remember, I want to take you back to the classic Fruju ice blocks, for those who don’t and are curious, please click the link. Anticipating a refreshing, bracing splash or dunking in water is the experience that this sorbet captures for me, even more than my most cherished childhood memories of Frujus. When a mouthful approaches, you can’t help but focus on how the flavour is going to hit. First to hit is a burst of tangy Oooh, leading into a refreshingly icy, just a little sweet Ahhh sensation (if that doesn’t make sense, you only have yourself to blame for not enjoying the timeless cheesiness of the Youtube video). There are times in life when I find myself experiencing a thirst that ordinary drinks just can’t quench. So far, this is the most fruitful experience I’ve had in the quenching stakes. It’s as cold as an ice block/popsicle/icy, but there’s no waiting for the ice to melt in your mouth. All the sensations of cold and flavour saturate your cravings at once. I’ve gone back twice to Village Co-Op in the space of five days to test these thirst quenching properties, and can speak highly to their effectiveness.

In fact, should I fall again to some malady this winter season, please provide a tub of this to help break the fever.

(Sorry to my fellow bloggers, part of the joy of these atmospheric conditions has been the havoc they’ve wrecked on my blogging time, particularly looking at your blog posts. We’re on a wireless connection that is sensitive to the weather, and thus far our ISP has proved less than enthusiastic to have us throw more money at them for a wired connection. Hopefully this will be rectified during our time off. In the meantime, when your beautiful photos actually load, your like and comment buttons either don’t work or yield weird results).

5 thoughts on “Joshua’s Lemon and Lime Sorbet

  1. Looks and sounds divine but not sure I could brave the iced treats in winter as you are! It’s supposed to be summer here… not too much evidence of it so far, though it was a lovely weekend… you have to grab the moments when they happen! 🙂

  2. Good to have you back! It’s times like this where tropical climates are much appreciated. I’m also one undeterred by weather when it comes to frozen treats! Judging by your posts, Joshua knows what he is doing when it comes to ice-cream making. I feel like he should be sending you thank-you samples. Which you could then express post to Sydney.

  3. Yay! You´re back with some ice cream! Sorry to hear how cold its getting (of course here is the opposite) and so I can understand if you’re feeling like having less ice cream.

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