Moustache – Cookies and Dreams

Mrs P and I have just got back from a night in the city. We got ourselves a hotel room, and ate ourselves silly. There have been fish sliders, pork cannelloni, and calamari with a passion fruit sauce. In other words, we’ve made a lot of memories over plates of delicious food, just begging to be immortalised in the blog.

I never thought, as we cruised down the motorway (highway) to the city, that I’d return home itching to write about milk and cookies. A stroll around town to walk off our late lunch (and make room for dinner) saw us stumble upon a sweet little deal on Wellesley Street in town, changing all expectations.


Moustache is a brilliant exercise in branding. A wee bit of research into the joint’s various social media pages didn’t enlighten me on the story behind the name. So I’ll stay with my first impression, that it relates to the Mo one gets when dunking one’s upper lip into a glass of milk too enthusiastically. While we’re on the subject of social media, please do take the time to check out their Facebook page and website. Other than just the food you have to love the owner’s community spirit. They’re clearly grateful for all the help they’ve had getting their milk and cookie bar up and running, and have decided to pay that forward to various community groups. Also, check out her WordPress page, which is an entertaining and inspiring insight into a young woman making her way in her first business venture.

So how was the food? Loved it. Picks of the days (we went again the following afternoon after having some Yum Char in town) were the Black Forest cookie and the Nutella Milkshake. At Moustache they pride themselves on using premium ingredients, which ups the price (as does their central city location), but pays off in flavour. Somewhere, in my sweetest dreams, there is a candied woodland filled with trees bearing dutch cocoa cookie fruit, plump with Whittakers chocolate chunk seeds. When the cherry winds blow, they infuse their scent and flavour completely through the cookie, to the point where you’re almost not sure where chocolate stops, and cherries begin. This is the cookie of those dreams. Like a good dream, these cookies are soft and pillowy in the centre, with the hard crunch of reality around the edges. My tip is to go for their flavours of the week and keep an eye out for their cannibal cookies (a cookie within a cookie). Chocolate chunk and Snicker cookies are great, but it’s where the flavours really push the boundaries that you’ll find your full dose of Willy Wonka wonder I suspect. Ordering a Milkshake was quite a big call for me, it meant foregoing an ice cream sandwich, but I needed to know what a Nutella milkshake tastes like. Tastes good enough for me to forego an ice cream sandwich again the next day so I could try a peanut butter one, that’s how good they are. These milkshakes put a lot of pretenders calling themselves thickshakes to shame. That’s not to say that they’re really thick, just enough to let you know you’re not lacking for quality ice cream.


Moustache is a warm, cosy beacon in the city centre. In what was a date afternoon, night, and morning for us to mark four years since I popped the question to Mrs P, this was the surprise package. With the glass milk jar pendant lights, giant cookie jars, chalkboard menu, and cookies made before your eyes, there’s the feeling of an honest and pure oasis nestled in the rat race of the city. If you’re lucky, you can pull up a stool at the bar, or get one of two seats in the window. Even if you’re not so lucky, there’s still something simple and romantic about sharing a good cookie on a park bench. If you’re willing to share some of your shake with your date, you know it’s true love.

(PS – still struggling with internet connection issues. Currently working on getting a new provider).

10 thoughts on “Moustache – Cookies and Dreams

  1. Sounds like heaven on earth! Agree on so many points–many milkshake fakers out there (Nutella and ice cream? This I have to try.) and you have to be truly committed to share that milkshake. Wow on the cookie pops. And feasting in a hotel room? Dreamy. What a wonderful food vacay. Appreciate getting a taste through your words.

  2. What a great little place. You write so well Mr P. Ah… you’ve got me all sentimental now… Aaron (my husband) never used to share his food with ANYONE, but now he shares with me regularly. Only me. That’s gotta be love, right? 🙂 Fantastic post. I almost feel like I’ve experienced the cookie goodness for myself!

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