High Heel Gourmet’s Pad See Ew


Sorry, faithful readers, I’m still on a poor internet connection. It took me three goes to log in to WordPress today, and I’ll probably lose several paragraphs before this post is written. Nevertheless this Pad See Ew recipe from The High Heel Gourmet is too good to let any internet connection peccadillos stand in the way.

Some might say the best recipes stand up to adaptation. This is the recipe for those people. What I did tonight was an impure, positively adulterated version of The High Heel Gourmet’s Pad See Ew. There was no healthy brand sweet soy sauce, I had to use Lee Kum Kee Dark Soy, which definitely didn’t have all the necessary sweet properties a proper dark, sweet soy sauce would have. We didn’t have decent fresh fat rice noodles, and I didn’t have the patience make two single servings of noodles; choosing instead to make a big wok of the stuff. To finish the departure from the template a 400g steak of beef rump was favoured over chicken.


Still, we’re now hitting a solid two for two from WordPress noodle recipes that approximate Asian fast food favourites. I’ll definitely be looking for a proper, sweet, dark soy sauce for our next go round, and I might add cabbage and a couple of other vegetables that local Thai establishments like to put in their Pad See Ew. If you’re looking for savour that attaches to your tongue like Velcro fixed into place with superglue, definitely have a play around with this recipe. I’ve looked wistfully at some of her other recipes but decided that they were too involved to put together on a week night while juggling work and study. This Pad See Ew recipe really delivers on its promise of simplicity and ease. Don’t just take my word for it though, try it for yourself! Make sure you pack some straight away for tomorrow’s work leftovers, if that’s your thing, because anything left out in the open is unlikely to make it to bedtime.

14 thoughts on “High Heel Gourmet’s Pad See Ew

  1. Oh my this looks so divine! 🙂 Hope the internet will let us blog anytime soon, I have problems as well but found out it often works in the morning and late at night, at least something.

  2. this is my favorite noodle dish! much more then pad thai. looks like a great dinner..

    I once survived for nearly four months in college on only my mobile phone’s internet. not such great times. good luck with the internet connection!

  3. You know what, just today Sam from The Bonding Tool and I were admiring you and also The High Heel Gourmet… what a coincidence! Your dish looks fantastic by the way 🙂 Its amazing how before we lived without internet (ok, you may be younger and not know that hehe) and how now we struggle, and sometimes even freak out, when theres no internet connection.

  4. The dinner looked delicious and the beef substitution delightful (i’d prefer beef, too). i’m also having problem with wordpress. some of the postings from blogs i follow are not showing up on time. i’m having to check the “reader” again to find some posts i’d missed a couple of days ago or go to the individual’s blog and manually scroll back to see if i’d missed any (very time consuming).

  5. Usually this sort of thing would flood me with food envy, but being in the middle of Hanoi right now, with a belly full of beef noodles, I can appreciate it in a whole different way 🙂

  6. It really came out lovely. I’m with you on the cruddy Internet connection. After various weeks offline, I am now, once again, part of the Internet! Hope to see you soon.

  7. OMG! You score 10/10. This looks delicious. It’s ok if you can’t find sweet soy sauce. You can use the dark soy sauce but add more sugar instead but you’re right the sweet soy sauce has more lingering taste on your tongue. I guess the it ‘s the molasses effect.

      1. Next week (if I don’t get distracted by other beautiful fruits and vegetables here) I will post the recipe for “Drunken noodles”, another Thai noodle dish. It’s just used different vegetables and herbs. The concept still the same. Since you got Pad See Ew so perfect, I’m sure if you want to try the new one it would not be a problem.

        It’s fun reading your blog. I missed it on wordpress reader. I have to check in my email!

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