Giapo Caramel Popcorn Gelato – Blockbuster Flavour


The MTV Movie Awards are known for giving winners a golden popcorn trophy. Personally, I think they’re being short changed. I’d much rather hold a cup of this above my head in triumph, then greedily chow down on it while doing the post award interviews. It has all the intangible resonance of a successful Indiana Jones reboot. First there’s the creamy smooth joy of quality updated production. Giapo’s signature gelato finesse shines like having your favourite casting choice put in the title role and a big budget well spent. Then the salty wit and crunchy caramel popcorn action keep everything wonderfully familiar and fittingly nostalgic. For me this gelato is filled with childhood memories of smearing my popcorn on the exposed middle of a choc top ice cream, made more awesome with crunchy caramel and a really smooth gelato.

Seriously, fight your way through amazon tribesmen, poison darts, crushing boulders, even snakes if you have to, just make sure you get your hands on this.

(PS – for those lovely people considerate enough to worry, the Peckish household is located far away from all the recent earthquake action. The lack of activity is just down to the patchy internet).

13 thoughts on “Giapo Caramel Popcorn Gelato – Blockbuster Flavour

  1. Oh far out, this looks like ice cream heaven. To echo Sofia and Sam, I was also thinking of you guys. Glad to hear that you’re safe, well and nourished (despite the patchy internet).

  2. oh, but that looks good! Have made buttered popcorn ice cream and it is dreamy times a zillion. Yours looks amazing. And am glad you and Mrs. P. and your freezer full of phenomenal ice cream flavors are fine.

  3. Hi Mr. P. Just checking in to see if you and yours are chugging along. Everything okay? Spring should be peaking it’s head around the corner in your neck of the woods.

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