Ma Cherie. Amour.


So you’re going clothes shopping with Mrs P, like you normally do. It’s one of her regular favourites on one of your favourite strips in Auckland: Ponsonby. Shopping is one of those parts of being a husband that is too often unappreciated. Pay attention, make appropriate comments, and you get a say in how good your wife is going to look to you in that next ensemble she’s putting together. Sometimes I think I want her try on more things than she does. You’re in your groove, it’s one of your usual spots, when tucked behind said clothing store you notice the little courtyard you always took for granted as empty, except now it is populated by people enjoying coffee, all manner of delicious looking pastries and the strains of classic pop songs covered in French.

What’s a Peckish Kiwi to do but let the allure of food momentarily pass from the mind in favour of fashion, and hope that a reward of French cuisine might be in the offing. Of course, Mrs P being the wonderful match that she is, is already thinking you can both try this new place out instead of whatever it was we were going to have for lunch instead.

There turned a retail outing from business as usual to something just a little bit special, and just enough of a gateway morsel back into the world of blogging.

As much as I wanted to launch into the sweet stuff, we were there for lunch, settling on a Croque-monsieur and tartine, with a coffee for Mrs P.

DSC00126As we are wont to do, Mrs P and I halved the goodies and took turns. I got my hands on the Croque-monsieur first. There’s a simple pleasure to the soft ham, cheese and béchamel innards, as compliant as a hypnotised Panda Bear, but then fortified by the oh so crunchy exterior. Be prepared. Cutting through the crust created a veritable explosion of bread that left war torn pieces of crusty shrapnel scattered liberally over our table. Not completely practical on the plate, but a perfect complement to the softer inner texture as I munched happily away.

DSC00132 DSC00137The tartine gave us more of the same contrast with added pickle and tomato on the topping. Pickles and tomatoes atop cheese and béchamel could make for a problematic pairing but the partnership was well balanced.


Our appetites were well accounted for without over doing it, and we now had a new place to duck in for a bite when Mrs P’s next retail outing takes us out that way.

Although, just between you, me and the rest of the World Wide Web, I might be making an excuse to head back there sooner. Those sweet pastries are seriously calling out to me.

Ma Cherie

12/282 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

16 thoughts on “Ma Cherie. Amour.

      1. No problem ! It was getting sort of lonely out there, what with everyone getting back on track in their real lives to care for their blogs – completely overrated! Haha, quippering quakery, I cannot even counter that

    1. Hehe. The marvel of perspective. Mrs P can only wish the coffees were so large in comparison to her. Croque-monsieur are a rarity here. Maybe they’re just not on people’s minds in our parts of the world.

    1. Good. A lot has changed in the past 18 months or so. I’ve caught up a bit on your blog, loving the photography, it just gets better and better. Sorry to see the old camera die, I liked the classic look. Still, you’re doing well with the latest one.

  1. As per all of the other comments, WELCOME BACK!! Glad that both you and Mrs P are alive and well (I was worried there for a while, so was Sam aka le pirate… Who is now in New York if you hadn’t found out already!). As for this post, I do love a good Croque Monsieur. This one looks pretty cheesy 🙂

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