Ma Cherie. Amour.

So you’re going clothes shopping with Mrs P, like you normally do. It’s one of her regular favourites on one of your favourite strips in Auckland: Ponsonby. Shopping is one of those parts of being a husband that is too often unappreciated. Pay attention, make appropriate comments, and you get a say in how good […]

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Mekong Baby – The Golden Child

There might be an official story behind the name Mekong Baby. It’s not made explicit on their website though. My version involves a newborn baby carried down the Mekong River in a bamboo basket. As the child passes through each territory, families who cannot take on another mouth to feed, still take the time to place […]

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Velvet Burger Fort Street

Having work, study, and, in Mrs P’s case, jury duty, can seriously get in the way of good kitchen time. All the better then to excuse us to eat out. I’ve been quietly keen to try Velvet Burger for quite some time. I spent a lot of after school job money on Burger Fuel when […]

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Bacon and Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

If you’re able, you’ve got to try this flavour, even if it’s just to say you’ve tried it. You get delicious gelato, large moon rock chunks of hokey pokey (including a large piece of hokey pokey dipped in chocolate and perched on top) and thin strips of smoky bacon with white chocolate. The idea shouldn’t really […]

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The Blue Breeze Inn

I was handed a review for this joint from The NZ Herald. The idea of modern Chinese fusion definitely piqued my curiosity, then when I saw pork and black truffle soup Xiao Long Bao, I knew I had to try this place as soon as humanly possible. That was, say Tuesday, and now I find myself on the […]

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Giapo Gelato Extravaganza

There is nothing about a busy Friday, or inclement weather, or a belly full of Yum Char that will keep me away from Giapo when I’m in town. In fact, when I’m in the mood, I’ll happily go in for four scoops, especially when I spy a customer after me getting two scoops of sorbet […]

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Grand Harbour Yum Char

Work life balance is important, and at the moment, New Zealand is a country that goes a long way to allowing that, with an entitlement to four weeks a year. That’s not to say that everyone gets to take that leave in a given year, leaving some employees with over ten weeks outstanding to them at any […]

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