13-Herbs-and-Spices Chicken

I’ve had this little cookbook from Michael Van de Elzen for a good year now. Making peoples’ favourite takeaways more nutritious, while making sure that they can still be served at a decent pace out of a food truck, is just the sort of show to pique my interest. A usual episode will have the […]

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Blogging Deleted Scenes

Hello pretty blog people. It’s after 9pm on the night of the test. I’ve got a couple of forget all the mistakes I made beers in me, a couple of I’ve missed you Mrs P kisses on me and a desire to post all round. So what we do on a night like this is give you the […]

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Buffalo Chicken Nibbles

For all its drawbacks, Facebook can be convenient. You can be hooked into your favourite chef, like, say, Peter Gordon, and be informed of all their major comings and goings. Good for special events and other social occasions a punter might otherwise miss. It’s also convenient if you want to stir the pot a little […]

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