The Many Moods of Pedro

So often a temperamental soul, especially when the camera is on him, sometimes it is possible to catch Pedro in a moment of serene meditation. It’s quite the turnaround to have the little guy change from an almost disdainful awareness for the way I’ll offer him up for our amusement on this site, to this […]

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Peckish Sr’s Birthday

So it’s 11:23pm and I’m running out of time to put a post together for today. So I’ll dial up a few images from today’s shenanigans, starting with my attempt to recreate Sassy Earl Grey’s Browned Butter Earl Grey Tea Pound Cake with Sweet Yellow Peaches and Vanilla Drizzle. 300g of butter later I’m not sure […]

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Apologies, My Non-Furry Friends

The Peckish Kiwi, my second member of staff, he’s busy feeding me and generally attending to my happiness. I’m terribly sorry, but The Peckish Kitty comes before The Peckish Kiwi you see. In the meantime, I hope you’ll be placated by my face of false contrition. Quite a useful face, also works well after I’ve […]

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Blogging Outtakes

Try as I might to get into interesting little food adventures on a daily basis, I often strike out. I mess up the food, mess up the photography, or am too uninspired by what I’m eating to make a blog post that will stand on its own. However, this is about as close to a diary or […]

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Petty Vindications

My wife often asks me why I make things hard for myself. I’ll do everything I can to unload the shopping from the car in one go, hunt around for my keys in the dark instead of turning the light on, etc. Two in particular are not putting what I’m holding down so I can […]

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The Bad Nappers’ Tee Party

Brevity? Love it. Not a master of it by any means, but I appreciate skilled practitioners. It has a special appeal for me in motion picture. So much today strains to provide origin story and exposition, no matter how many plot muscles it pulls to do it. Flashbacks to life before crashing on the island, […]

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