Little Paddock Boysenberry Ice Cream – Somewhat Subdued

I was quite excited to try this ice cream. Most boysenberry ice creams I come across have vanilla ice cream with a boysenberry ripples, so the idea of a boysenberry ripple in boysenberry ice-cream was a welcome point of difference. However, I’m not sure whether the reduced contrast between the ice cream and the ripple hurts the impact that boysenberry flavour otherwise […]

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Little Paddock Caramel Slice – a Delicious Ecological Disaster

You’re in the milk chocolate ice cream seas off the coast of candy land. The deep sea caramel rig has exploded. There are bits of white dough brick strewn all over the chocolate waters; little remnants of the once industrial caramel drill site. Caramel is now flowing freely and uncontrollably. You’re not quite sure where it begins and ends. […]

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