Ma Cherie. Amour.

So you’re going clothes shopping with Mrs P, like you normally do. It’s one of her regular favourites on one of your favourite strips in Auckland: Ponsonby. Shopping is one of those parts of being a husband that is too often unappreciated. Pay attention, make appropriate comments, and you get a say in how good […]

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Mekong Baby – The Golden Child

There might be an official story behind the name Mekong Baby. It’s not made explicit on their website though. My version involves a newborn baby carried down the Mekong River in a bamboo basket. As the child passes through each territory, families who cannot take on another mouth to feed, still take the time to place […]

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The Blue Breeze Inn

I was handed a review for this joint from The NZ Herald. The idea of modern Chinese fusion definitely piqued my curiosity, then when I saw pork and black truffle soup Xiao Long Bao, I knew I had to try this place as soon as humanly possible. That was, say Tuesday, and now I find myself on the […]

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Wang Thong Thai Fusion – Larb Gai

Convenience can tip the scales in your favour with me at lunch time. I was actually at Ponsonby Central to check out Maldito Mendez. However the menu wasn’t very clear to me and there were a lot of people already waiting (15 minutes after opening) at empty tables. Wang Thong, on the other hand, was completely empty. The sight of two sweet looking […]

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