Mekong Baby – The Golden Child

There might be an official story behind the name Mekong Baby. It’s not made explicit on their website though. My version involves a newborn baby carried down the Mekong River in a bamboo basket. As the child passes through each territory, families who cannot take on another mouth to feed, still take the time to place […]

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Velvet Burger Fort Street

Having work, study, and, in Mrs P’s case, jury duty, can seriously get in the way of good kitchen time. All the better then to excuse us to eat out. I’ve been quietly keen to try Velvet Burger for quite some time. I spent a lot of after school job money on Burger Fuel when […]

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The Luscious Food Store

Having friends in faraway places is always a good thing. Auckland is a spread out place, and with traffic being an issue, anything across town can seem like a faraway place to eat out for a meal. So it’s great when someone has scoped out a local for them that gets you out of your […]

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